For the first time in history, Xiaomi controlled the ebek photomobile. For how long?

For the first time in history, a smartphone from the German company Xiaomi got to the top of the DxO Mark photomobile. She has been teaching elites for a long time, her new Mi 10 Pro is the top piece on the top. Due to the amount of news that will come in the coming weeks, but it will be the first that will probably have a short duration.

The DxO Mark camera car will be used for a long time by smartphones from the Huawei Group. Today, his year-old P30 Pro model still belongs to the top of the best photo cars, and the native Mate 30 Pro, which is a victim of American sanctions, was the best ever so far (in the 5G version). The past year was also a proof that the peaks are leveling off and, in addition to traditional brands such as Samsung, Apple and Google, Oppo, Asus and Xiaomi smartphones have also joined the group.

And the first Xiaomi got to the top of the current ebek: its Mi 10 Pro was the first Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G ahead of 124 points by one point. The flow of Xiaomi to the top position with the new top model of characters could be expected last year at the end of the year, a potentiate type Mi Note 10 Pro, which received a camera with five lenses and a processor Wednesday.

The new Mi 10 Pro, which we by the way had to get acquainted with at the canceled Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​uses a very similar set of cameras, also with a better processor that supports quality image processing, the result is quite logical.

The main camera has the same as the Mi Note 10 Pro with a resolution of 108 megapixels and optical stabilization. This spade set with a large chip comes from Samsung, in which Xiaomi is again concerned about the championship using such a high resolution when the new Galaxy S20 models are introduced.

Thanks to technology from Samsung, Xiaomi has now reached the top of the e-car, but we dare say that it will be the first Samsung that will eventually be the last to die.

The other set of focus is on the Mi 10 Pro only a variation on the existing darkness, while Samsung is introducing only a slightly new approach to its S20 Ultra oven. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro m as well as Mi Note 10 For twelve-megapixel focus with double zoom, then there is an eight-megapixel shot, which provides a functional and ten-fold hybrid zoom (optical zoom is almost three times).

tvrtm do party is then twenty megapixel irokohl snma. Compared to the Mi Note 10 siblings, a separate macro photo camera due to its two-megapixel resolution of the weak sibling’s hardware is probably not a problem for Xiaomi.

The DxO Mark test confirms that the new Snapdragon 865, which appeared in the tested smartphone for the first time, helps to improve the overall overall score. Compared to a losk model with a weak processor, this helps to improve the drawing, performance in non-photography and sharpness in the range. This improves the overall dynamic range. The result is 134 points for the quality of the photo, which is the same as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, and 104 points for the quality of the recorded video, which is a new record.

The fact that in most detailed disciplines below the top of Huawei, Xiaomi bag took up mainly in the quality of wide-angle focus and zoom, thanks to their overall sketches for photographic balance. In the video, the Xiaomi bag has a stable small amount of strength, which leads to record performance first.

The only question is how long Xiaomi will stay on top of the ebk. Samsung’s teeth are sure to be in the top position, especially with its Galaxy S20 Ultra, but Huawei with the P40 Pro in preparation will definitely not give up either.