Exclusive Nokia con, help from photographic company zskv and Sony

Sony mobile phones can also rely on the support of Zeiss to promote their new cameras. It had and so far an exclusive agreement with HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia smartphones. The partnership with Nokia does not end, only the traditional Finnish character will not boast of cooperation with Zeiss itself.

The new Sony Xperia 1 II, which by its name refers to the top of Sony cameras, strives to make as much progress as possible first in the field of cameras. It’s a bit paradoxical, Sony as such is one of the largest suppliers of photo modules for smartphones, but its own devices have not yet been able to get to the top. Xperia 1 II wants to change that, or at least start this change sharply.

With the help of Sony, I am especially working with the photography division, which has so far been a bit tiny to its own branch (perhaps so as not to irritate its other customers). In addition to this collaboration, Sony has opted for a new collaboration: with Zeiss, one of the largest authorities in the optical industry. After all, the Sony camera division also cooperates with it, Zeiss lenses are the best that can be used for these devices (especially at the top of the field in general). The mobile division will also work with the Zeiss logo.

During this year’s new news, the company stated that the Xperia 1 II will receive Zeiss optics with an anti-reflective T-Star coating developed by Zeiss. For the Phonearen server, the representatives stated that the optics of the smartphone will be further manufactured and developed by Sony, which is only through Zeiss calibration, which ensures better quality and in conjunction with the surface right, according to current conditions, Sony can boast the Zeiss logo in the marked camera directly mobile.

In the field of smartphones, so far only Nokia smartphones manufactured under the leadership of HMD Global could be used in modern times. The company boasted an exclusive partnership with Zeis in 2017, but its cooperation has not yet yielded any significant results. Nokia smartphones did not work their way up to the peaks of the photo car, it did not happen with both the regular models and the delay, and the unusual Nokia 9 PureView with five cameras (there was mainly a cooperation with the startup Light).

Zeiss thus did not want to continue in an exclusive partnership, which from its point of view led nowhere. Pesto does this with the Finnish company. As Juho Sarvikas confirmed on Twitter, following the news from Sony, the Zeiss-Nokia partnership continues: Our partnership with Zeiss is very rewarding for Nokia smartphones. It is great that Sony, a company with a rich history in photography, has joined the Zeiss family. In cooperation with Zeiss, we will continue to develop an exclusive een for Nokia phones, Sarvikas explained.

The bag has caught the bag quite a bit, because the Nokia phone got into it first due to poor quality. I would like to see that. pike models with Zeiss optics did not appeal to the user. And for Nokia 8, 8 Sirocco or 8 PureView. dn of them did not get dn of a much pasted focus on Kartik Gada. HMD photo cards are a disgrace to Nokia’s legacy and Zeiss characters, lte David Baptista da Silva. In response to Sarvik’s tweet, only one individual is satisfied with the non-traditional 9 PureView camera, which requires a relatively specific user approach.

HMD Global had its new smartphones introduced similarly to Sony at the canceled MWC trade fair in Barcelona. While Sony is aiming for a virtual presentation of its new products, HMD Global is looking for an inexpensive thermal premiere of the new Nokia phones. So far, it does not seem that the company should have any photographic surprises in its hands, the peak of a smartphone and at the same time the peak of a photomobile was generally not appropriate in this wave of news.