Escobar’s brother, the drug lord, showed him a new flexible narco-phone

Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar, introduced his flexible smartphone to the second generation. And no one would see that here first. This time the creature is a suspect of not two, the novelty is, according to the photos, only fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold. And Samsung companies certainly do not provide anything like that.

The introduction of the Escobar Fold 1 smartphone was a big surprise of last year, but it also aroused suspicion. We checked this ourselves (more in the line. We ordered a mobile phone with the logo of a drug addict, instead a book drank it). We haven’t received the ordered smartphone yet, and let’s not say at first that it would happen to anyone else. Instead, Robert Escobar’s company promised to supply the second generation of a device that looked like a Samsung Galaxy Fold at first glance.

Te spolenost Escobar Inc. the new one was officially presented, according to the price it is 399 dollars for the version 128 GB is remembered, 549 dollars for the version with 512 GB is remembered. Underground on the underwater trv,
Escobar Fold 2 reminds Samsung Galaxy Fold not only on the pictures, but also according to most technical parameters. There are differences, but you can’t think of anything on the pope. After all, coloring your smartphone in gold and adding the PE logo (like Pablo Escobar) is nothing complicated in the graphics program, and one of the official images on the manufacturer’s pages even looks like they didn’t work much with it.

True, in the videos with sexy models, we see really fixed phones, which the bag does not refute in any way. It’s a Galaxy Fold with everything, including a camera mount in the upper right corner in an unfolded state, corners in motion and the One UI environment and other details. Just from the wallpaper on the home screen to the models in the video two famous Pablo Escobar. It’s funny that in one of the videos called RIP Samsung model Galaxy Fold, it smashes to pieces and even happens on fire.

A smartphone that doesn’t exist?

Overall, it is very certain that, like the first generation, this mature maturing smartphone does not exist for an attractive pension. After all, the company argues in many ways, even if I say something a little different. For example, in the context of communication regarding first-generation orders, we received information that the upcoming new features of Android 10 and the support of 5G new Android promise technical specifications on the web, but 5G gives you more. Likewise, the company claimed that the original Escobar Fold 1 u would not be produced, but in its e-shop it also offers both of its memory variants.

In the press, at first, the company also mentions the production of the telephone in more detail. It can take place in Hong Kong, as well as the first generation. Mm clem is stt with this year a constant way of electronic devices. In all these factories, there is simply a lot of technology and none of the secondary factories buys anything in it. We will list the prices and the customers under the Escobar sign will offer a rebate, in the first place Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, a former ethnic cartel from Medellno, will not be printed.

As for the technical parameters, Escobartm promises the same as Samsung. The company also states the same dimensions: 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9 mm in the unfolded state. Toton is also a set of cameras, only there are five of them, at Escobar they forgot about the camera in a broken state. By the way, the main display has a depth of 6 inches instead of 4.6 according to the technical parameters, different consent consent. Escobar then claims that the cheaper variant has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, such a version does not exist in Galaxy Fold.