Cheap iPhone can get an unlocked layer and dark display

There is no doubt about the early arrival of the affordable iPhone. And in the end there will be two. According to the latest information, disappear from the model, starting from the iPhone 8, the button with the Touch ID fingerprint and the display will get more space. This was stated by the Japanese server MacOtakara, based on information from the recent CES visit in Las Vegas.

The successor to the popular iPhone SE has been talked about for several years, and during that time, the speculation of rust was first mentioned completely. Thus, Apple dn does not prepare such an iPhone.

With a few months, the bag is sure that a cheap iPhone will really work, and very soon the introduction should be common. The DigiTimes server, based on skewed information from the supply chain of the California giant, even talks about two versions of such a device (all in Apple this year are being filled by an iPhone. The successors to the SE model should have two).

It will unlock the thistle, not the finger. The display pops up

So far, it has been stated that the iPhone 9, as the novelty is called, will actually have an eight-year-old model with rejuvenated gutters. The phone can therefore be powered by the powerful A13 Bionic ipset, which is the heart of current iPhones 11. The same goes for it, but the MacOtakara editorial office also mentions the presence of the TrueDepth camera, the ability to perform a 3D scan and the subsequent user authorization.

The Face ID should replace the button with a built-in fingerprint image (Touch ID) and the original 4.7-inch display (models 6, 6s, 7 and 8) should grow to a 5.4-inch flap. Compared to the changed old generations, the screen would occupy a much higher percentage of the total area.

According to it, it was assumed that the main camera of the iPhone 9 will be type 8 ddictvm, in the end the bag will be so glued. MacOtakara mentions the large optics.

The editors add that last year, during CES, information about the upcoming seven generations of the iPod Touch was obtained, and the speculation at the time, after its release in May 2019, turned out to be true. Therefore, it is likely that information about iPhone 9 will be relevant as well.