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The Czech company TCL announced that it is producing BlackBerry characters with the production of smartphones. It is definitely being produced at the end of August this year, which also means that we cannot take on the news of these features. The reason is mainly the non-renewal of the license agreement.

BlackBerry smartphones disappear from the world market. According to the announcement on the BlackBerry Mobile website on Twitter, it is operated by TCL Communications, which is first produced by August 31, 2020. Although the company does not mention this precisely, the reason is probably the non-renewed license agreement for the use of characters. This will not end immediately, which would indicate a complete loss of customers. It would be true that the sales hit models were not, certainly a hurry on the market recorded. The latest phones under the BlackBerry brand can be produced by TCL and until a different date.

The text reflects on the intensive cooperation that was needed for the company to create a series of smartphones Key, which were the main attraction of modern BlackBerry incarnations. The Czech company for this element cooperated intensively with the Canadian BlackBerry Limited, which is the holder of characters and all the first ones related to some phones. BlackBerry Limited has developed on the user interface of modern BlackBerry phones with Android and thus on their security. So it seems that the Canadian company is not interested in continuing cooperation with TCL.

This has actually been speculated for a long time: the last mobile novelty of the BlackBerry for world markets was the Key2 LE smartphone, ie a lightweight version of the better-equipped Key2 model. Both of these models date from 2018. TCL promises support to users who have or purchase the machine, and until August 31, 2022, or until the time required by the city in which the machine was purchased. The company thanks BlackBerry Limited for its cooperation, and thanks fans and customers of the BlackBerry community for their support.

How the fate of the BlackBerry smartphone will give is in the stars. Most likely, however, BlackBerry Limited has decided that it should not pay off to develop further for specific Android phones and monitors for smartphones in general. The company shut down the famous BlackBerry Messenger at the end of May last year. It was given by applications, with the help of which it is possible to create a BlackBerry phone from practically every smartphone, we can find it in Google Play, but even that does not have to take a long time due to the current view. Recently, the company has recently focused on safety in the background and on the automotive industry, not in the end.

However, it remains certain that the Canadian company has agreed on another partnership, according to us, would be negligible. The Pbh smartphone BlackBerry has been very tangled in recent years. In 2013, the Canadian company with the Z10 and Q10 models launched a new BlackBerry 10 operating system, which we were very excited about and was also interested in the compatibility with Android applications. This was not enough and the quality system did not prevail in the competition of iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Limited launched the latest models with its system in 2015. That year, it introduced the Priv slider model with Android and a rich set of applications. Then in cooperation with TCL saws models DTEK50 and DTEK60, but it was still a Canadian BlackBerry. In December 2016, the first TCL officially won the first BlackBerry features on smartphones, and the following year it introduced the KeyOne model with qwerty keyboards.

But TCL was not alone with the license. In India, in cooperation with BB Merah Putih, the Aurora model (2017) was sold, and in India, in cooperation with Optiemus Infracom, the Evolve and Evolve X models (2018). However, since 2018, the new model with the BlackBerry logo has not been created, and it seems that the licensing is simply over.

TCL then most generally dampens its licensing efforts. The company is mainly known for its Alcatel phone, and today this feature is somewhat paradoxically licensed from Finnish Nokia (now Alcatel-Lucent). Recently, however, the company has been pushing only smartphones under its brand in all smartphones, and Alcatel is not only interested in the segment of the cheapest devices, so it is a question of how it will be in the future. TCL thus holds a license for the Palm emblem, which I rent here from HP, but the only strange small device could not be in a hurry and so far it has not seemed to make efforts in this field.

6. ervna 2018