Blind street. The brand new display is unusable in a mobile phone

Las Vegas (From the newsletter) –

nsk electronics manufacturer Hisense nepat is one of the big mobile manufacturers. But quite often he tries something unusual. He has recently been experimenting with e-ink displays. It doesn’t make much sense on mobile phones.

The display with electronic ink is nothing short-lived, it has long been used in electronic books. For them, it is a great choice, it is time-consuming even in the sun, energy-efficient and for the text in the books, the black and white is made ideal.

Jene Hisense is trying to use this type of display in mobile phones. Two years ago, he showed the first model to have a white color screen on one side and an electronic ink display on the walls. Although this was not a novelty in this case either, the Russian company Yota brought the same concept to go in two years, but let’s say that it makes two sense and it works. For normal use, there is a front white display, the rear one works either in an emergency with a low battery or as a stream of books integrated into the mobile phone. Hit it is not, but let’s say that the edges of such concepts have in the market a city.

Only at Hisense can we go long and at this year’s CES we could try out their first smartphone equipped only with an e-ink display. The A5 works, but few would like to use it. So probably only someone who has unquenchable patience.

We introduced the Hisense A5 in a separate line. Even in short, an electronic ink display is extremely slow in nature. Which greatly limits the smartphone. The A5 model has all the usual functions, but in practice it is an emergency call. After all, it takes so long and there are so many inferiors because even a patient user is much faster than the display is redrawn.

Let’s add that the phone should be cheap, according to initial information, its price should fall below 100 dollars, ie about 2,300 crowns. It can only be purchased on a very limited number of online stores and the price is more than double the expected and announced. Even the companies have no reason to buy something like that.

The fact that the display with the electronic display for mobile phones had to be sure at Hisense. Only probably see it differently, or they don’t like to give up. And so, at this year’s CES trade fair, they showed a prototype of an improved e-ink display. And that color display!

If you check something baggy, you will probably be disappointed. Although the display is color and can be recognized, and the saturation and contrast of colors is below the first color display in mobile phones twenty years ago. And the speed of response? It doesn’t matter, it’s just an e-ink display and it won’t be fast.

The exhibited model did not bear the specific designation, so far it is a prototype. But it probably came from the A5 model. The difference in use between nm and A5 was practically zero. Yes, the display is in color, but you didn’t know much about the image of the camera.

Denotes the models with e-ink display as thin smartphones. Yes, electronic ink displays are ideal for e-books. But we don’t want much to buy such a mobile phone. And when u, the Hisense A6L, which combines a normal and e-ink display, makes much sense.