Apple is launching an iPhone this year. Nstupci model SE maj bt dva

After declining sales in recent years, Apple should launch this year and introduce six new models. And in two waves. We should soon be able to get a cheap iPhone 9. It should exist in two versions.

The offer of the iPhone has always been limited to a few new models and the sale of the old ones from previous years. Not to mention the sale of older models, which Apple has officially excluded from the offer. A good example was the iPhone 6, which after a while started selling again in a version with 32GB of memory. Apple has never officially informed about this model and has never even mentioned it on its website.

At present, it offers a total of six models, ie if you add Plus or Max. Six of them will remain in Apple’s offer this year as well, but it will be a new and innovated model. Mon, the portfolio will expand to seven currently offered models, because the iPhone 11 could be introduced in the offer last year.

Digitimes first reported on the six iPhone models that Apple is launching this year. it would be a record number of news for the American manufacturer. three models have OLED displays, the other two have LCD panels. According to Apple, Apple will completely change its offer this year.

iPhone 12 Pro m mt OLED displays in sizes 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches in the version Max. He gave two models to have 6.1-inch OLED displays. The 6.1-inch display should logically be given to the successors model 11 and XR, which have such large panels now. This new information is a bit confusing in Apple’s anticipated content.

News opt in two waves

iPhones will be launched this year as in 2016 in two waves. In the spring of 2016, Apple surprisingly introduced the innovated SE model, which was based on the old 5 and 5s models. This will be the case this year as well, only the successor to the small iPhone SE will actually become the successor to the iPhone 8. According to available information, it will be called the iPhone 9, not the SE 2. slici devt Apple at the launch of the X peskoil.

The new information is that this cheapest iPhone can exist in two versions in the Apple menu. At least that Digitimes server is hard on the basis first from the etzce system supplier. Chipbond Technology was to receive an order from Apple for the control of the LCD display in two different versions.

The iPhone 9 could eventually exist in an enlarged version of the Plus, as is the case with the iPhone 6. Mon is also a variant that would be a successor to the cheaper model XR with LCD display. This is confirmed by the words of the time of the informed analyst Ming-Chi Kua about the day in Apple. This is the prediction that the iPhone SE 2 Plusm will be introduced and in 2021 I will be based on the design of the first XR model.

Apple would re-launch a seven-year-old smartphone

So if there was an iPhone 9 Plus and it was really only a powerful and in terms of improved model based on the iPhone 8 Plus, then this will be a record in longevity among smartphones. The currently offered iPhone 8 is the gradual successor to the iPhone 6 model, which was introduced in 2014. This year, the expected iPhone 9 would be based on a six-year-old smartphone. The 9 Plus model would be listed here in the first year and in the first year it would have a seven-year old model.

And this is also for Apple, which is used to design their model for a long time, the oven just enough. Although the design of the iPhone 9 m bt is a toton with an eight, ie also the mentioned iPhone 6, however, the display can be of the LCD type and will thus provide 3D Touch technology for control by means of hearing. The display will be the same, so you can expect small changes in appearance. Today, the huge frames around the display, as well as the sensor fingerprint below the nm, remain.

Even with the frames mentioned at the time the display across the entire desktop smartphone, the iPhone 9 with a 4.7-inch display will be one of the smallest phones on the market. On the contrary, the considered iPhone 9 Plus model would be a monster for a day with a 5.5-inch display. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + losk, which will soon be given a successor, is with a 6.4-inch display.

Even with the current trend of a very compact body, the iPhone 9 cannot be considered a real successor to the miniature iPhone SE. The traditional iPhone 12 Pro may be introduced in the fall, which has only a 5.4-inch OLED display. Given probably the same frame, not like the current top iPhones, this is really a very small smartphone. Note that at the same time the iPhone 11 Pro m 5.8 ″ display.

A complete variation of iPhone offerings could be related to new performance software. Although the latest iOS 13 system was officially received and mentioned, the iPhone SE and the old iPhone 6s from 2015 were probably new, but the performance of these smartphones will probably not be enough. For example, recycling a 9 m m to get an A13 Bionic processor as the current peak of the iPhone. It is one of the most powerful IPs for smartphones, which should work wonders with the simple successor to the iPhone 8.