Apple has started making the best-selling smartphone in India this year

Apple has launched the popular iPhone XR in India. This year’s best seller in the country is cheaper than before, when its price was increased by import taxes. From this step, the manufacturer promises from outside the market in the region.

India is the second largest sales smartphone ever and according to sales analysts in the country will continue to grow. It is therefore a region with great potential, which manufacturers try to make the most of.

It is not a new news that Indians prefer cheap smartphones. Such an iPhone attribute cannot be added, Apple’s pesto bag needs to reverse the trend of declining sales in the country. Instead of massive discounts, he bet on the production of some models directly on the ground in India. In the Foxconn production center on the ground floor, 6, 6s or SE models were assembled. These lines are completed by the XR losk, which was the best-selling smartphone ever in the first half of this year.

For India, mounting on the ground means that Apple is exempt from import taxes, which are paid for when they are imported. This economic benefit is ultimately the number of end users, iPhones with the sticker Assembled in India are cheaper compared to imported pieces.

The Indian XR iPhones are now available for sale at many major retailers, such as Amazon India, Flipkart and Croma.

While last year the phone was available for 77 thousand rupees (currently about 22,700 crowns), the current price is less than 50 thousand rupees (16,600 crowns). In addition, Amazon also offers the current device with a 10% discount, and for the purchase of it, it costs 45,000 rupees (14,600 crowns).

The price of the iPhone XR in the country of the jet will probably fall

India Today reports that the price of the XR model could fall due to local production. After all, in action, the phone was available for 36,000 rupees, which is 11,700 crowns. Competition in the form of Xiaomi, Samsung, Viva and Oppa can be significantly cheaper with comparable equipment, only the Indians are charging Apple and they are willing to pay for anything for the iPhones (more in the line: Apple hit the jackpot. The cheaper iPhone 11 is a selling point).

The development of production outside the country, where the vast percentage of Apple’s production is still compiled, is part of a long-term strategy to mitigate the effects of the Trump administration. Washington has imposed import taxes on the remaining German imports, which in the last wave hit the first production of the California company (all in the month: the US imposed import duties on Apple production. The iPhone will be affected in December).

The start of production of the XR model in India was discussed in July, with the fact that production could start during August. The spread of production lines eventually took the bottom. The expansion of the production portfolio by losk bestseller is a matter of course, and they are ready to start the assembly of losk topmodels XS and XS Max. So even these types could soon buy Indians prices for it not at present.

Jan 18, 2018