After a limited age, they just denied it. Pekupnci wants a fifth

Samsung launched the sale of the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone on February 21st. At the same time, those who are dissatisfied with the current model can pre-order a special edition. However, the unique set is only available in selected markets and the set is limited. At home, the South Korean pd did not bend.

A limited edition new product from Samsung, based on its individual design by Thom Browne from New York, is only available in eight markets. Namely in the American, in Europe in the British, French and Italian, and in Asia in the Dutch, Hong Kong, Japanese and, of course, South Korean. And the first on the domcm market aroused a set which, in addition to the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, also contains the Galaxy Buds + headphones and the Galaxy Watch Active2 smart watch, an unexpected impression.

The original was to be physically available in Jin Korea in five selected stores. However, the company gave up. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, she wanted to anticipate a situation where people would set up around stores all night. Instead, he started accepting pre-orders at full time from Thursday to bird through official websites.

Samsung apparently was not prepared for the interest that fell by a hundred. The servers of the recipient did not manage, the company later apologized for the problems. Especially the limited edition, which has been a gray color with a contrasting red-blue-blue tricolor since the production of metals, it took only two and a half hours for the available pieces.

The number of available pieces was not announced in advance and the company now hides it. So upload these facts. On the eBay auction portal, you can buy seven hundred Thom Browne in two bids from the only seller from Jin Korea, two of which can be sold at the stail. So either he bought them from individuals, or he prepared for the start of sales of fuels with the help of friends and acquaintances.


Each time this edition, its position on the domestic market drank 2.97 million South Korean won, ie in the amount of almost 57 thousand crowns, the user offers Dong in the price of almost 279 thousand crowns. So almost five times the official South Korean prices. Another seller will offer this set for almost 176 thousand crowns. However, in other markets, where it was also officially introduced by Samsung, it can be pre-ordered.

However, it is still true that the company does not list the number of available pieces on them either. In the UK, the Thom Thomne set will cost you £ 2,280, ie not more than 68,000 crowns. In Italy and France it costs less than 65 thousand crowns (2,580 euros). It is true that, in contrast to the South Korean market, customers will have to repent to their set of unique Samsung products.