Patronage: artisans and liberals merge

The new organization, whose name will be unveiled soon, will mathematically have more weight to defend the interests of VSEs and SMEs.

A small revolution in the business world. This Thursday, the UNAPL (National Union of Liberal Professions), which represents the liberal professions, from doctors to lawyers and architects, will join the UPA (Professional Craft Union), which brings together craftsmen and traders.

Founded in 1977, UNAPL was until now independent. But it was not representative at the national level, which means that it could not sit at the table of inter-professional negotiations, such as those on unemployment insurance or supplementary pensions.

“Often, laws are made for big business!”

The UPA, chaired by Jean-Pierre Crouzet, has on the contrary been representative since the beginning of the 1980s, in the same way as the Medef and the CGPME. For more than forty years, it has brought together organizations from the three major sectors of craftsmanship, construction, manufacturing and services, and finally retail food. By joining the UPA, the liberal professions will therefore have access to these negotiations. An objective pursued for a long time by its president, Michel Chassang, also at the head since 2002 of the Confederation of French medical unions (CSMF). “There is a logic to this merger because the UPA and the UNAPL bring together independents, very small companies (very small companies) and SMEs. In 2014, our two organizations had also signed a memorandum of understanding for a partnership, ”explains Pierre Burban, secretary general of the UPA.

The new organization, whose name will be unveiled soon, will have mathematically more weight. What better way to assert its positions vis-à-vis the two other large employers’ organizations, the unions and the government. “The interests of VSEs and SMEs must be better defended. Very often, laws are made for large companies! ”Emphasizes Pierre Burban.