Parents of students from Lot-et-Garonne put their school up for sale on the Bon Coin

In Lot-et-Garonne, parents of students put the municipal school on sale for € 10 on Leboncoin last Saturday. A symbolic way of protesting against the lack of teachers for their school.

Putting their school up for sale, this is the idea of ​​parents and elected officials of Beauville (47) to try to be heard by the rectorate. Seven years ago, when this establishment of the Bordeaux Academy lost a class for lack of students, the Rectorate promised to reopen it if the number of students exceeded the bar of 78 students. With 81 children enrolled in the Intercommunal Pedagogical Group (RPI) of Beauville and Engayrac, all hoped for a class opening but the promise could not be kept.

But during the Departmental Council of National Education last Monday, Dominique Poggioli, the Academic Inspector, gave priority to other establishments, also full or even saturated. A difficult choice since to meet the 16 urgent needs of the Lot-et-Garonne department, he only had two positions left to allocate.

“The situation is very complicated,” explains Annie Reimherr, mayor of Beauville. We only have three teachers to provide lessons from kindergarten to fifth grade for 81 children. In kindergarten, for example, a teacher alone provides the 3 levels with 33 children including a disabled child and a non-French speaker ”.

After a demonstration in front of the academic inspectorate, a week of occupation of the school and a “citizen meal”, the parents wanted to raise their voice. Yesterday, they opted for a “school day without a satchel” and this Tuesday is “a dead school day”, therefore without students at school. A second demonstration is also scheduled for Thursday in front of the academic inspectorate.

The case is now in the hands of the rectorate and elected officials (parliamentarians and departmental advisers) alerted by mail. Anyway, parents and local elected officials say they are determined to fight to the end to obtain a 4th post for the school, “the heart of the village” of 600 inhabitants.

Another school for sale for 100,000 €

The case of the Beauville school is not isolated. For a much less competitive price, the parents of the students of Plounérin (Côtes-d’Armor), also offer to buy a class on reveals. The ad reads: “For sale brand new school class. For lack of teachers for our CE1 / CE2 children ”.

Just finished this summer, the class cost the municipality 100,000 € but no full-time teacher was appointed for the CE1 / CE2 students who were to occupy it. A situation that has taken a rather disconcerting turn: the National Education offers a teacher for the morning only. Parents, upset by this “semblance of a job” say “no to part-time school” and call for the right to “quality education” for all. After a petition launched three days ago, yesterday they took action on the RN 12 road interchange by distributing leaflets. Revolted by the end of the 2016 school year “more than neglected by the National Education” – 9 replacements for CE2 / CM1 / CM2 students in a few months -, they ask for a full-time position for their class of CE1 / CE2.