OVHCloud: has the data gone up in smoke?

Between 12,000 and 15,000 customers of the French cloud champion were affected by the fire that ravaged a data center overnight from Wednesday to Thursday

Since Wednesday evening and the heavy fire which ravaged one of its facilities in Strasbourg – without causing any victim – OVHCloud has to answer a series of questions. Some relate more specifically to the quality of the site’s fire-fighting systems. Especially since he had already had to face a series of incidents in 2017.

Did OVHCloud choose the right fire safety systems? A priori, the alerts worked, but this type of installation also requires an automatic extinguishing device. The French would have opted for sprinklers that send water and not a device that suffocates the flames by depriving them of oxygen, as is the case with other players in the sector. The question remains open, while the origin of the loss would be accidental. It would be linked to the intervention of a technician on an electric inverter.

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What about the data?

The other questions relate to the servers destroyed in the fire. Has the data they contained been permanently lost? For some customers, the answer may be yes. Redundancy, or back-up, is in fact not systematic. It is a paid option that the smallest customers do not subscribe to save money. “ We must learn the lessons of this fire and that companies take the necessary measures. They must have backups and disaster recovery plans (PRA) », Explains an expert in the sector, who recognizes that it is not always easy to set up for SMEs / VSEs.

To know the exact extent of the damage, we will have to wait several more days. Indeed, OVHCloud had four data storage centers in Strasbourg. One has gone up in smoke, the other three have been shut down and their restart cannot be immediate. You do not immediately turn on a computer that has just been wet on pain of losing everything. For a server, it’s the same, but on a larger scale. All of the group’s teams have mobilized to provide rapid solutions. This notably involves the installation of new servers. . Its transparency is also hailed by the community. Octave Klaba, the president and founder of the group also makes regular points on Twitter.

As for the number of affected customers, they are between 12,000 to 15,000 according to OVHCloud. But in reality, many more companies have been affected. “ We are not OVHCloud customers, but some of our partners are. Some of the services we offer are no longer accessible », Explains the boss of a start-up at Le Figaro. According to the American specialist, 3.6 million websites using OVH services, for 464,000 domain names, have in all been made unavailable, according to information relayed by.