OVHCloud aims for an IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange

Octave Klaba, the boss and founder of the Cloud specialist, has decided to rate this French unicorn.

Finally, a French unicorn takes the path to the Paris Stock Exchange! Octave Klaba announced in a tweet this Monday morning “having made a decision».

This time, it is indeed the IPO. OVHCloud, the French Cloud specialist, confirmed this to Le Figaro. Octave Klaba, the boss of the group is preparing to demonstrate that it is possible to count in the sector. His company achieved a turnover of 600 million euros in 2019 and is already valued at more than one billion euros. “But as long as we’re not on the stock market, that doesn’t mean anything ”, likes to remind Octave Klaba. The demonstration is not very far away.

An IPO in Paris by a French tech champion would be an excellent signal for the ecosystem. Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, relies on “aat least half a dozen»Operations of this type in the next eighteen months. OVHCloud could therefore be the first to cross the finish line. At almost 22 years old, the company is no longer so young, but it still ranks among French start-ups.

More Tech on the Paris Stock Exchange

Other companies could follow. There is no shortage of names of the “Usual suspects”, starting with Doctolib, which has been talked about a lot since the start of the pandemic. The listing of French start-ups in Paris is the third stage of the rocket that the government is trying to get off the ground. The first floor was set up under the presidency of François Hollande and reinforced under the aegis of Emmanuel Macron: it was necessary to develop the start-up ecosystem. The second step is to bring out medium-sized international companies, or even champions capable of competing with the Americans and the Chinese. The third step is the acceleration of the quotations of Tech companies in Paris. It is also a way of making French savers participate more widely in the development of French start-ups.

It was also via a Tweet that Octave Klaba had expressed his interest in Shadow. It could buy the ailing start-up Blade, which has developed a service providing online access to additional computing capacities, via its investment fund Jezby.