Oppo smartphones, repaired in an hour with WeFix

Oppo smartphones, repaired in an hour with WeFix

The Chinese manufacturer has entered into a partnership with the French start-up to facilitate repairs of its products.

Batteries and screens are the most frequently changed parts

This is a first for WeFix, and good news for social consumers to extend the life of their smartphone. Oppo has signed a partnership with WeFix to facilitate local repair, in one hour, in 80 points of sale throughout France.

This agreement allows WeFix to have easier access to the brand’s spare parts, to have stocks… to repair smartphones within the hour, while respecting Oppo’s processes. WeFix repairers also benefit from training dedicated to the brand. For consumers, the first advantage of this partnership is to shorten repair times, which will drop to one hour. Today, it often takes 7 to 15 days for an out-of-warranty repair.

This new service is part of Oppo’s responsible approach“, underlines Denis Morel, general manager of Oppo France. The challenge is to provide repairers with the right quantity of spare parts so that they can quickly meet demand. For this, Oppo – which holds 6% of the French market – relied on its sales statistics. And on consumer habits.

Screens and batteries

Screens and batteries are therefore at the top of the parts to be replaced. Screen breakage remains at the top of repairs, followed by battery replacement and button replacement. The lengthening of the service life of devices leads to new needs for the replacement of wear parts.

This partnership also allows WeFix to strengthen its positions in the repair market. The start-up founded in 2012 entered the fold of the Fnac-Darty group in 2018. Although the distribution group has a majority stake in its capital, the two co-founders are still in control of their company. WeFix now has 130 stores in the territory and continues to open “approximately thirty points of sale per year», with an average of three jobs created for each. Bouygues Telecom is also a privileged partner of WeFix.