You will not fall asleep at the socket. The battery charges significantly faster

The smartphone often discharges at the most inopportune moment. Long minutes of verticality on the socket are not what the user enjoys from mobile devices. Many manufacturers are trying to find ways to dramatically speed up battery charging. One of the technologies is Quick Charge 2.0 from Qualcomm.

In many cases, the battery compartment is not in any way convincing due to the large display. This fact is the manufacturer’s efforts to develop new technologies, which will significantly reduce the need to recharge the battery.

One of them is Quick Charge 2.0 from Qualcomm. The technology, thanks to which a promising battery can be achieved even after less than a few hours of charging, is directly the processor of this manufacturer. The company has now demonstrated its benefits at a zazench with Quick Charge 2.0 support.

Three Nexus 6s with 3220mAh batteries were used for the demonstration of fast charging, in two cases the standard 5V chargers were used with the value of the input current. The first charger is 1 A, the second 2 A. Qualcomm 2.0.

Its battery is charged with 14% capacity after ten minutes, thanks to the support of fast charging, it is achieved more than twice the charging speed compared to the standard 5V / 1A charger. In another ten minutes, the battery of the nexus connected to the quick charger reached a quarter of the capacity. Here the battery was charged with a 5V / 2A charger and another ten minutes later.

And after half an hour of charging, the battery reaches the first nexus with the same capacity (16%) as the next nexus after only ten minutes of charging. Its battery has reached 50% capacity after 40 minutes. If the user uses a standard single-amp charger for charging, the battery of his phone will not reach the same duration of a quarter of the capacity (22%).

As a good example, Qualcomm wants to dispel the user’s doubts about the carrying of a charger with support for the fast charge standard. The message of the company is clear. If the user does not want to limit himself by a long stay near the socket, he should make full use of the possibility of zazen supporting fast charging.

A list of products that support Quick Charge 2.0 can be found on the Qualcomm website. This bag is not the only manufacturer that is rapidly embracing technology. For example, nsk Oppo has introduced its own VOOC technology, thanks to which the batteries of their smartphones can be recharged to 75% of capacity in just an hour. For example, VOOC supports Find 7 (more here) and iOppo R5 (more here) models.

It is worth mentioning the Sonicable cable, which promises to quickly charge any smartphone with iOS or Android. The project of a cable for mobile phones, with which it will be able to charge the smartphone battery twice as fast as with a classic charger, attracted more than 10.5 thousand supporters on the Indiegogo startup portal (you can find out more about the cable in two links).