Wireless charger tables don’t cost much. IKEA declassified the prices

For so long, various manufacturers and associations have tried to enforce the wireless charge, and had to drink to help IKEA. Its range of goods for wireless charging can appear in stores as soon as possible and it knows the prices of all products.

The furniture giant IKEA announced the range of goods for wireless vehicles loaded this year at the MWC congress in Barcelona (more here). The goods can still be sold in the course of music and the first individual devices will also be available in Czech stores.

Wireless charging is not new, some phones have a built-in relatively long time, others are ready for special accessories. Mostly it’s the Qi standard from the Wireless Power Consortium. IKEA chose the same standard. You can find a list of devices with built-in wireless charging, or a phone that needs a special cover for the Qi standard here.

The furniture store offers charger pads, covers for selected mobile phones for wireless charging and complete furniture and accessories with an integrated charger pad.

Ikea table is built-in

Stolek Selje stands 1 490 crowns

The two non-tables with an integrated charger pad are called Selje and Nordli. Both IKEA tables are also sold in the regular version without charging, so be careful when choosing, know it by price. Failure with the washer will cost 1398 crowns, without the washer it costs 699 crowns. Nordli with the charge will cost 2,689 crowns, without the charge it will cost 1990 crowns. Charger tables as of 19.4. not yet in the Czech branch for sale, in Germany there is a table Selje for 49 euros, the type and products are not yet.

At IKEA, wireless wires can also be charged with lamps. The Varv and Riggad table models cost 1490 crowns, the large Varv floor lamp costs 2,990 crowns. You cannot buy the opt.


You can build the Jyssen wireless charger into any furniture.

IKEA also offers a separate wireless charger. Its name is Nordmarke and with one charging city it costs 799 crowns, with those cities it 1 690 crowns. The most interesting is the Jyssen underlay, which can be built directly into some of the company’s furniture, or basically into any furniture. The offer costs 799 crowns, the company will sell an insert on the drill for drilling a hole for 129 crowns. The opt will be on sale according to the company until the end of April.

Current at IKEA, it offers wireless charging in its domestic retail outlets with support for wireless charging. The menu includes covers for iPhones4 (s), 5 (s) and 6 and covers for Samsungs S3, S4 and S5. Covers for iPhones are expensive, cost 399 and 599 crowns, require more electronics, do not support phones directly wirelessly. Samsung supports the Qi standard, they also have a cover with a spool, those from IKEA hold 299 crowns.

A sophisticated, original Samsung cover for the S5 model, including pads, costs 1,400 crowns, and the flip case then rests with 2,100 crowns. The washer alone costs 750 crowns, ie similar to the IKEA washer.

The advantage of IKEA washers is undoubtedly their integration into furniture, or the possibility of installing the washer in any piece of furniture. With these two wireless devices, it makes sense. Prices are set pimen.