When are you afraid of smartphones. Set these in length

Seniors are a specific user group for mobile phone manufacturers. They prefer simplicity, clarity and good readability. Most manufacturers of senior mobile phones logically focus on basic devices. Doro does not have to be denied to starm users.

Doro, a leader in the segment of senior mobile phones, is one of the leading manufacturers, these days it has officially entered the Czech market. Offer your products through a partner dealer and operator. In addition to standard mobile phones, unlike many other manufacturers of recent years, the bag also focuses on senior-friendly smartphones.

The first model with Android company introduced it in 2012, it was called PhoneEasy 740 (more here). Even so, the phone was adapted as easily as possible, which, however, does not apply to it in the case of the current products of the series. In addition to the development of the phones themselves, Doro also focuses on the development of adequate software.

One of the results is the application for managing the phone with the name My Doro Manager, which simplifies the control of the smartphone. In addition to the shared file, it is very easy to help the senior with the phone settings. So seniors don’t have to panic when, for example, they accidentally turn off the sound of a pen or any other feature of the phone. Call even a half text message and the other party is able to remotely wiggle the phone during the desired setting. The senior does not have to wait for a long time in the menu, which will come to him.

The application of the same name must be installed in your phone on the other side (most often only families). The application is currently only available for Android, soon the bag will also be in the version for iOS. According to a company representative, a version for mobile windows is being prepared.

In order to be able to use this expanding function of the Doro smartphone, the need to connect to the Internet must not be forgotten. And also on the side of a potential helper, the senior with a mobile data tariff must also use it. Concerns about the full pumping of data and the FUP surprise, which in turn may represent a considerable amount of money for seniors, then it is possible to prevent the installation of only used applications, or to prevent individual applications from running on mobile data.

In addition to the remote settings of the phone, it is possible to monitor its activity in the application thanks to the standard sensor in the smartphone. The activity of the phone itself is displayed (for example, when it is lifted from the table), as well as the user’s movement with the nm. This function can be considered as a kind of birth of a standard SOS button, in contrast, it does not rely only on the activity of the user himself. There may be situations where he will be far from the phone and will not be able to press the button.

If the smartphone has been idle for a long time, the members of the application are notified. In addition, the position of the senior can be displayed on the map, and the positions of the other groups are also shown. Especially in crisis situations, it is possible to avoid a lengthy one of which family members can get to a supposedly endangered person as soon as possible.

The main functions on the display

The first Dora model to be officially on sale is the Liberto 820 Mini smartphone. It is equipped with a 4 ″ IPS display with a resolution of 480x 800 pixels, below which there are three physical keys designed for basic control. The dimensions of the phone are 1266611 mm and the weight is 132 grams. The battery has a capacity of 1,500 mAh.

The internal 4GB memory can be expanded with the help of another 32 GB memory card. The processor should not have a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. The Android operating system version 4.4.2 KitKat with a specially modified user interface is used as the operating system. This focuses on the essential functions and thanks to that the smartphone adapts to the needs of older users.

The main functions of the phone (free, SMS, camera) are shown on the display in a large format. This eliminates pressing other controls. In addition to the large system icons, the phone members also indicate HD sound and headphone support. There is also a physical SOS button on the walls of the phone.

Seniors also appreciate the built-in function of the teacher, thanks to which, for example, when writing an SMS, they are performed step by step. The docking station instead of the classic charger will not only be easier to recharge, but also ensure that the mobile phone will always have a stable position during it.

Access to the Google Play app store is a matter of course. The specialty is the Doro App Selection, ie a selection of applications recommended by the manufacturer especially for seniors.

The Liberto 820 Mini can be purchased by an O2 operator for 3,995. With this operator, the manufacturer also cooperates in other markets. In addition to a senior smartphone, the domestic operator also offers cheap equipment from this scientific manufacturer. The basic Primo 365 model costs 995 crowns, while the Primo 413 is about a thousand crowns more expensive.