Watch out for the charger. They have fallen on the wireless keyboard

There are no limits to the imagination of potato sweets, and zazen, which is usually used as a mobile phone, is also an example. Don’t get caught, I can capture the entered text on the wireless keyboard and go send it to the sldil directly on the mobile phone.

It should be noted on the water that this device does not start immediately, the recipient must make it sm. The author of this project states the necessary hardware and software and the production process, as well as the do-it-yourselfers. In this case, however, move on the edge of the law, or just such a device to eavesdrop on the activity of strangers is illegal.

At first glance, KeySweeper, as the project’s author Samy Kamkar called the device, looks like an ordinary charger with a USB connector. And whatever the breeding, it contains a whole range of other hardware that can record the activity of the wireless keyboard in its vicinity. In addition, if you unplug it from the socket (assuming that someone left the charger in the wall by mistake), it turns out (logically) that it is just a charger pulled from the wall. In reality, however, it switches the eavesdropping function to the elephant battery and continues to operate.

In addition to the basic number of keystrokes pressed on the keyboard, KeySweeper can also recognize certain breeding templates, for example, after entering any Internet address, it will be exchanged for the entered data. You can either save them to your memory or send them directly to the mobile phone via SMS first, or store them directly on the Internet. To communicate with a mobile phone, use only the SIM card that is active in the device. The author cites them as above standard, but does not have to be a piece of basic equipment.

Before you start using your wireless keyboard, it is important to note that the KeyStroke monitor can listen to some Microsoft wireless keyboards, operating at 2.4 GHz. Other features firmly use a complex security level, while Microsoft is lagging behind in this regard. Although, according to Microsoft, it should only be keyboards manufactured before 2011, the author of the project refutes this claim.

Although Microsoft claims that the problem is only with keyboards manufactured before 2011, unsecured models are still manufactured and still sold in its official e-shop. Last msc I bought one of these from the Best Buy chain and next to sriov’s sla was released July 2014, Samy Kamkar told Tech Crunch.