Was it that? So fly to SMS!

When writing short texts at first with a friend or a stranger, patients stuck to pain during surgery. Text communication turned out to be a better distraction, not an Angry Birds game. According to a study at Cornell University, patients interested in cell phones needed my kills.

How it affects pou

Get out of here, get out of mind, come up with a familiar word. The authors of the study, which had a diffuse effect on the pain experienced by patients during minor surgeries, chose another well-known Beatles text on the water: I can do it with a little help from my friends (I get by with a little help from my friends). It’s an unconventional water into a fairly traditional subject of human research – how to relieve people from pain?

It is clear that the effect of communication with birds (and strangers) cannot be tested in operations where the patient is completely numb. Therefore, minor surgical procedures for the lower half of the body were chosen, which require only local anesthesia, so the patient can easily play a game on the phone or take a short text at first.

When writing an SMS, the operation was mn

Patients were randomly divided into the following groups:

  • The first group of patients was given the opportunity to fake texts at first with a question.
  • The second group wrote texts at first, but with strangers.
  • This group played a simple game on their mobile phones, specifically Angry Birds.
  • Control groups received standard care, including wall anesthesia, but without any distracting attractions.

Patients from groups 1, 2 and 3 received the mobile phone before the operation and continued to use it throughout the procedure. The doctor loved how the pain prevailed between the groups.

The results are well above equal statistical errors first for conversation texts (groups 1 and 2). People who had sex with their ancestors were given an external anesthetic of 4.39 mn, people who exchanged their cell phone with strangers at first, even 6.77 mn, often compared to the control group. The edge of Angry Birds also dreamed of pain, but not so sharply (the value of 1.96 is on the edge of statistical deviation). A total of 98 patients participated in the study.

How is my pain

Pain assessment is difficult because it is usually a very subjective metric. One of the most common ways is to ask the patient what pain they will suffer from 1 to 10 (so-called numerical evaluation of pain). Dr. Guillory’s team chose another, at that time measurable pointer. They recorded whether the patient would ask for the outside of fentanyl. Due to the fact that the patients were assigned to the groups appropriately, the study also with different pain thresholds or different approaches to the technologies.

Of course, the research did not take place on a green field. The idea of ​​distracting the patient during the painful operation and brewing him on other ideas is not new. In 2004, for example, a study was published describing the influence of virtual reality, which acted much better against the pain of the dental step, not in other ways of distraction (film, music).

It would be important to interpret the study as sought by some tabloids, ie as a universal painkiller. Of course, patients should not be advised to work with a mobile phone during the procedure, nor would they consult with the operating staff in advance.

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