Two meters of Apple: you read, but celebrities watch her boast

The Apple Watch smart watch was officially introduced to it last year when it was unveiled by the eight generations of the iPhone. And while the other recipients are still waiting, the selected celebrities will be a new public. And this is the most luxurious design.

Pre-orders for the long oekvan smart watch Watch zaal Apple received on April 10. In Europe, the first batch of watches sold out in just five minutes (more here). This bird will see her for the first time on April 24. I just feel like I managed to catch the news from the first wave. They will not be the first to wear the Apple Watch.

These began to appear on the back of celebrities from the music and copper gates. In addition, it is not a basic design, but it is the most luxurious and thus the most expensive Apple Watch Edition.

The luxury Watch made of 18-card gold is supplied with Apple as standard with a plastic and leather strap. The watch is equipped with a metal mark. It can be bought for a watch for $ 449 (more than 11 thousand crowns), not a bag made in this design. The watch is made of Beyoncje watch gold.

Karl Lagerfeld was the first to boast an exclusive watch. In this case, it is known that the watch is made of the same material as the watch itself. Back to that, we wear the product for 25 thousand dollars, so in the end it does not cost 620 thousand crowns.

Photo by zveejnn by Sebastien Jondeau (@bentoub), Apr 15, 2015 at 9:55 PDT

Among the celebrities who boasted of their Apple Watch through social media, include singer Katy Perry, rapper Drake ihereka and model Christy Turlington.

Photo by uveatelem KATY PERRY (@katyperry), Apr 9, 2015 at 11:46 PDT

The bag cannot be said to be a cheap matter. Always a basic children’s made of 18-card gold costs 10 thousand dollars (almost 250 thousand crowns), the men’s is then another two thousand dollars expensive.

Anna Wintourov, a new product of the American Apple, also appeared on the towels and editor-in-chief of the local magazine Vougue.