This is what the mobile internet looked like flooded nine years ago

Nine years is not so much, then mobile phones will work today without any problems. So and the internet features. Then all WAP and special portly. Unlimited viewing initially cost msn120 crowns and one game from 30 crowns.

In 2006, he was a WAP hit. The mobile devices managed data transfers via GPRS and EDGE, and the phones had color displays, but in a quality incomparable with the current ones. The advent of touchscreen smartphones was a long way off, the first iPhones and competitors drank to the market and a year later and their trend began to go later.

When Vodafone launched its live! Port in the Czech Republic, it offered several specially modified phones for this service. Among them hits like the Motorola V3i (popular flyer), the Nokia 6234, 6131 or N70, the Sony Ericsson W810i and put the pieces.

The Nokia N70 (the time of the review here) was the spade of the smartphone in 2006 to support the next generation. Motorola V3i pakpopulrn stylka (time review here). Only on the mobile Internet, as we know it today, none of these mobile phones were ready. The problem was mainly with the display, which had a small flap. Nokia was 2.1 inches, Motorola 2.2 inches. When we compare it with the days of smartphones, even the cheapest ones are at least 3.5 inches. The displays were obviously untouchable.

And with the spill, it was like to go up the mountains. Nokia had 176 נ 208 points, Motorola then 176 220 points. The smoothness of the display was dismal from the bottom of the day, Nokia had 130 dots per inch, Motorola 128 dots per inch. vrazn lpe.

The displays were enough for normal work, the problem was first with the Internet. You can see what it looked like in the main photo or in the photos in this link. There was a lot of information on the display and one thumbnail image. That’s in pretty bad qualities.

Even the way of consuming the Internet via WAP was connected quite differently from that day. The price for the connection was quite high, so the operators offered their own portals with a relatively wide range of information. If you don’t remember WAP, we recommend the following linkwhich vs borehole in time back.

There was no charge for browsing the offer, the prices were determined by loading first and downloading the application. So at first you paid for each section (first, sports, dal). For the day it cost seven crowns per section, and for the first time and sports, 14 crowns were paid daily. A suitable package of unlimited public interest costs 60 crowns per section and 120 crowns for all. Of course, only information in the framework.

At that time, public pictures, melodies and wallpapers were paid for separately, but also for their download. Pictures and melodies cost 30 or 60 crowns per piece, games 30 and 90 crowns per piece. The special package for the subscriber offered you a tebapt image for the price.

There was also a ticklish content in the offer. It was paid for viewing and downloading. Daily table 30 crowns, msn 200, for the image was paid 30 crowns.

Suitable mobiles for Vodafone Live! tables from the thousand to 12577 crowns for the Nokia N70. The operator offered them a subsidy of 77 crowns.