They stole his iPhone, so he flew into it for him. He became a celebrity there

The alleged pbh Ameriana Matt Stopery started in November 2014 at the East Village Social bar in New York. One evening there was a game for your iPhone. When trying to call on him, only the voices of the mailbox spoke. So Matt said goodbye to the phone. He did not know that it was an unexpected reversal.

About a year later, he was looking at the photos on his new phone. How surprised he was when he found among them 20 self-portraits of an unknown person at a mandarin. Legran and scary, Matt described his first feelings at the time. They began to develop various theories, including hacking a new phone and its surveillance by North Korean agents.

The next month, a bag appeared in Matt’s phone and gave photos of a mysterious picture taken again at a mandarin. In addition to them, the bag could also inspect hundreds of snmk machines and weapons, on which children’s hands were caught. He led Matt and his friend on the trail. He asked him if he had lost his phone recently.

I told him not more than a year ago. He told me that my phone was in high, where most of the stolen iPhones were, Matt added, adding that the mystery of the mysterious photos in the new phone had been leaked.

The stolen iPhone was still stuck to his iCloud here, the thief was obviously not worried about his possible reset. After logging into the Apple Store, Matt found out that the phone was online. He blocked it, and with the thought that it had become a worthless invitation in the hands of an unauthorized user, he considered everything to be familiar.

Zveejnnm se zaal pst nov pbh

The bag decided to share his pbh. Through the BuzzFeeds portal, he became interested in the integrity of the mysterious mue. At that moment, he probably didn’t know how big this size would get.

Just hours after the announcement, a big event started. Pbh also appeared on our Weibo social network and became the main topic of the local internet.

tmacshadow (Twitter)@tmacshadow
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@mattstopera ur story is very famous in China now,it has been reposted for more than 10000 times on weibo(Chinese Twitter) in one hour。

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@mattstopera Now all Chinese know your story. We are helping you. 真牛逼.Come and leave a message, take over Twitter

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@mattstopera wish u can find him:).ur story are sooo famous in China that all of my friends have known u and the orange tree guy,lol

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@mattstopera man I’m Chinese and in our country we r trying to find this man. You r famous in China now

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And the unknown to him, whom he named as Orange’s brother, is actually overturned a few hours later.

Randall (Twitter)@Randall27103092
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@mattstopera hey buddy,I think the orange guy is in my city XD.In Meizhou,Guangdong province.

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Before that, Matt set up on Weib, which is followed by more than 100,000 customers in a single weekend.

After the contact, there was several weeks of communication between the two, culminating in Matt’s invitation. Oran’s brother apparently regretted how to help trade. Pbh toti were also monitored by statistics and. It was possible to anticipate that many of them would be eager to meet Oran’s brother in person and would establish a restaurant that he runs.

In the past year, TakMatt took a twenty-hour journey across the world to meet a mysterious man in person, who only knew a photo on the phone and then through internet communication. However, sm did not travel, so the representatives of the BuzzFeed editorial team set off together with nm. This toti from pbhu so tila, conceived it toti as an internet reality show.And they impatiently waited for any new information about its development.

The meeting of the two was to take place in the town of Mej-ou, where the orange brother lives.

Matt Stopera (Twitter)@mattstopera
16.bezna 2015 v 17:53, pspvek archivovn: 03.dubna 2015 v 21:00

En route to China to meet Bro Orange and he made a welcome banner for me. I can’t believe this is happening.

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Matt, moreover, he didn’t have what he said. He was informed that it is fulfilled and he does not have to worry about anything. He also canceled the booked hotel room. He wouldn’t even know it, nine days awaited him, during which he honored himself as a celebrity. For example, on a flight from Beijing to Anchou, she received a letter from a female fan. Here, Oran’s brother was also waiting for him, including the pulp and the fan.

Matt Stopera (Twitter)@mattstopera
18.bezna 2015 v 01:52, pspvek archivovn: 03.dubna 2015 v 20:52

Basically, now I know what it feels like to be Kim K at LAX with Kanye and Northwest. AKLJSDFJKL;ASF;

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Nine dn zitk under the supervision of the newspaper

On the way to the hotel, Matt returns the stolen iPhone. At the same time, he finds out how he got to a new user. Like most stolen phones, Toti ended up in Hong Kong. From there, he traveled to one of the largest second-hand phone markets in en-en, where there are more than two thousand mobile phone bazaars.

First, in one of them, the iPhone was bought as a dragon by a cousin of Oran’s brother. He then became the driver of the telephone last August, in which all the original photographs remained in addition to Matt’s wall. After arriving at the hotel, Matt opt ​​is dressed in newspapers, he did not get rid of them and until departure.

Matt Stopera (Twitter)@mattstopera
21.bezna 2015 at 18:09, pspvek archivovn: 03.dubna 2015 at 20:58

Haven’t been able to get on Twitter for a few days but here are some pics from my press conference lol

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For each day of his stay, the program is fulfilled, he doesn’t know about it until the last moment. Of course, again for the striking image of the local newspaper, which answers a lot of curious questions. l a bag of repetitive questions. I understand that Madonna is so tired of her when she gets the same question in the morning, he changed.

Matt Stopera (Twitter)@mattstopera
18.bezna 2015 at 12:50, pspvek archivovn: 07.dubna 2015 at 12:01

Just took a mud bath with Bro Orange and like 20 cameras watching us lol

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During his seven-day stay in Mejo, Matt visited his restaurant with his own orange brother, and then they visited stonemasonry, a resort with mud baths, an aja plant and a town associated with the host’s childhood. In addition, as a symbol of their German-American friendship, he planted mandarins.

Matt Stopera (Twitter)@mattstopera
18.bezna 2015 at 16:48, pspvek archivovn: 07.dubna 2015 at 12:02

Literally people taking pictures of me + Bro Orange shoveling lmao.

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The program was, of course, a meeting with a large family of the host, the father is the children. This also explained the child’s hands on some of the pictures that appeared on Matt’s new phone. And the duty was to take a selfie at the mandarin.

At every step, Matt expects the press of the conference and interviews. In addition, he decided to resign from one of them to one of them, and they still addressed him only by their first name. From now on, I’m just Matt. Madonna, Beyonc, Britney, Kesha and Matt. It just works, he said.

ivot celebrity kon, ptelstv trv

The pair of Orange’s brother and Matt became a fairly sunny business sign. an pbhem ij. Where both of his acts appear, there is a lot of newspaper and fan. One of the oldest was 78 years old. Everybody wants to take pictures with couples who become real friends. In addition to thousands of images of newspapers, hundreds of others are created at every step.

Completely unfulfilled, Brother Strv and Matt went for two days in Beijing, where he started pst nov pbh. On the way back to the hotel, Matt realized that he had forgotten his phone in the restaurant, where they were on the road. I’m an idiot. Brcha, too, we have a lot of fun, he commented with this distance and a certain familirity of this phode.

Before Matt’s departure, the couple also visited a Weibo company, thanks to his social name of the same name, this incredible journey began.

Two, I would say it’s over. On the basis of what happened to me, know that you never know what will happen. Who would have thought that a stolen iPhone would lead to such a mere pbhu and friendship across different cultures? It’s a membership, Matt concluded his nine-day trip to it, which he described in detail through the BuzzFeed portal.