There will be a strong interest in wearable electronics this year. And thanks Apple

This year’s sales of wearable electronics should be three times higher than last year. Analysts expect that with massive marketing and Apple’s entry into this market, more than 51 million units will be sold. Ask for a smart watch, then go to the monitoring of health and physical activity.

The forecast was published by the analytical company GfK.

Last year, 17.6 million wearable electronics were sold, of which only three million are smart watches. One of the reasons for this was the significantly average selling price of health monitoring devices. The fact that the consumer currently considers monitoring activities as the most important function of wearable devices also speaks in favor of these devices.

In addition to smart watches, the category of portable devices includes devices for monitoring physical condition, ie sports tester and fitness bracelets, as well as smart glasses (eg Google Glass) or electronics designed for specialized professions and the army (eg back scanners) and sensors for monitoring the health of hunters. medicn.

Many consumers do not yet realize how he gave the benefits of offering a smart watch. We are convinced that this opinion will change this year with the marketing forces of this industry. In addition, both segments have been converging since the second half of 2014, which supports market growth. Manufacturers of health and physical activity monitoring devices present new models with clever features such as the one announced and the first. Many new smart watches, in turn, are able to measure heart rate and offer functions for tracking the movement of activity, said Jan Wassmann from GfK.

The demand for watches will support the entry of the American Apple into this market, the sale of Apple Watch will be launched in selected countries24. April (more here). This year’s expected massive growth is sent by a growing subgroup of independent devices with a SIM card, which can be directly connected to a mobile phone, and are approaching the current smartphones. The first representative is the Samsung Gear S last year (more here).

The largest worldwide sales volume of drops for developed countries. It is expected that western Europe will catch up with North America, which has so far firmly generated the growth of this market.