The mother confiscated her daughter’s iPhone. She made me eat a cocktail

The ad erifa of the American district of Boulder investigates a case that inoculated the inhabitants of the town of the same name. Only twelve-year-olds tried to annoy their mother there by arrest, when she wanted revenge for confiscating the iPhone. She repeated herself after the first failure.

On Monday, the 2nd day, a woman from Boulder, Colorado, wanted to ask for a smoothie (mixed fruit and vegetable puree), when she smelled the smell of bleach from a glass. She felt sick to her drink. At that time, she attributed it only to the occasionally washed-up vessel.

Three days later, she smelled the smell of bleach from a carafe of some water. T didn’t drink it and instead put on her daughter. She soon admitted that she was trying to kill her because her mother had confiscated his iPhone. she then reported to the police.

After a two-week trial, the evidence-gathering body was placed in a juvenile justice center. It’s pretty scary, summed up the erif Prentup case, which is probably unparalleled in Boulder. The investigator thus accused her in two points of attempting a first-degree betrayal.

Like a disabled woman, a police officer cannot understand or give birth in the city. I have two teenage children who, like most teenagers, are on their phones, Luciana Cordova told the local press. She, too, repeatedly confiscated the phones from her children, but her children responded for a while.

It’s a disgusting reaction, Cordova added, noting that the case shows how upright children are on mobile phones. No wonder they are willing to go to such extremes.

Children mobilm literally fail

The addiction of dt on mobile phones is born all over the world. Without a mobile phone, they are very insecure, this is their personal business card, said Hideki Nakagawa, a professor of sociology in Tokyo, saying that mobile phones are a real touch for young Japanese people. In 2008, 96% of all student students owned a mobile phone on the wheel (you can find out more here).

In the same year, the natives of Spain decided that the saints aged 12 and 13 decided to go to the clinic in the town of Lrida after their children could not enter normal life without a mobile phone. They spent time on telephone, writing text and playing games and six hours a day (more here).