The Japanese are ashamed of the best cell phone on the market

Sales of the sixth generation top model of the South Korean Samsung also started in Japan, but in a rather austere style. The Japanese smartphone market does not have the fact that one of the most anticipated models this year is not from their production.

sixth generation of the top modelGalaxy S is very cold launched on the Japanese market. Samsung’s latest poin went on sale here on April 8, but not to mention that the Korean character is not very popular in Japan. The marketing campaign was apparently very stringed, and japontopertoi practically do not have a pair of new phones.

On top of all, all retailers, including the official Samsung branch, ruthlessly remove the company logo from both the phones themselves and all promotional materials.

Years in the office

The operator NTT docomo was closed by the Samsung brand

There are only two opertos that offer this phone. NTT DoCoMo offers the S6 model only in variants with 32GB of memory and in gold and black colors. The S6 edge of this operator comes only in gold and green colors and only with 64GB of memory. The Samsung logo is completely suppressed here, in the product description and on the body of the mobile phone we can only find the Galaxy logo and the operator logo.

The KDDI operator even completely ignores the S6 model and offers only the S6 edge in black, white and gold colors with the option to choose between 32 or 64 GB memory. We will not find the Samsung logo anywhere, only a small dog on the operator’s website next to the model designation.

This is not the first time that operas have deleted the Samsung logo from a phone. NTT DoCoMo u regulated the original Galaxy S model from 2010. At that time, the logo moved to the lower part of the rear cover, from the front it disappeared completely. Last year, the five generations of the Galaxy S series were similarly modified for both operators. NTT DoCoMo again pushed the Samsung logo to the bottom, KDDI removed it completely and left only the Galaxy S marked on the phone.

In addition, for this operator, the manufacturer’s logo can only be found on the 30th page of the brochure products, where the first one is found. If a hunter were completely unfamiliar with the situation on the smartphone market, he would probably think that the manufacturer of these phones is the Galaxy brand.

Japan in Jin Korea is not

Japan, as one of the technological powers, simply refuses to accept the fact that Jin Korea is ahead in the field of mobile technology. For example, the LTE Advanced (LTE-A) technology, which Jin Korea put into operation a year ago, will only now start Japan.

Paradoxically, the first Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo was the first operator in the world to launch 3G technology in 2001. While in the rest of the world only SMS were sent at first, the Japanese sent it by e-mail.

As far as the phones themselves are concerned, for example in the field of imaging technologies, Jin Korea is so ahead of Japan. OLED panels are a first-rate thing for Samsung first, and South Korean manufacturers also bend them. In contrast, for example, the Japanese Sony still equips its phones with LCD technology.

The situation on the smartphone market in Japan

The situation on the smartphone market in Japan

With Pesto in Japan, more than Samsung phones sell Sharp, Fujitsu and Sony products. In this respect, Japan is patinarily prone to its domestic production, even though, compared to foreign products, these are not market leaders. But let’s not forget the fact that this only applies to devices with the Android operating system. If we compare the conditions on the local mobile market in general, the Apple logo dominates here in a completely overwhelming way.