The first smart watch with msn vdr battery. It works, but I hek

In addition to the price of Apple smart watches, there is a lot of sad battery life in many cases. It will be necessary to feed here after 18 hours. Del vdr is not a problem, it just requires some steps. The battery of the Vector smart watch can be charged once, so use the touch screen.

At the first fair of watches and perks, Baselworld, the manufacturer, presented two models of its smart watches. The Meridian model is different from the Luna model with a classic round dial and a rectangular shape. The common denominator of a watch with an elegant look is especially the display.

Vector company against the current. While they did not give up the color display before playing in the field of smart watches, most of the watches were fitted with an energetically smaller monochrome LCD display. Thanks to this, they achieved a single ticetdenn vdre battery on a single charge. Thus, a significant amount of time is not currently available for watches available on the market.

The fact that the display does not touch has a great help on this. The user can access the functions of the watch by pressing the buttons on their side. The watch in the stock displays, for example, notifications, zero distance and calorie spleen.

Most of the current smart watches have been recharged after just a few days, especially after two days. Part of the heat can be achieved by first turning the display on and off. This bag in the case of watches Vector characters will not be necessary. According to the manufacturer, both models presented in Basel will achieve a faulty battery when the display is still active.

The manufacturer has thus chosen his own way to achieve battery life on a single charge. The company Pebble, which uses its color e-ink display with its Time smart watch, cannot be drawn to the crowd. Thanks to this, the battery of the watch can be registered for power transfer at the earliest after seven days of operation. Pebble also promises full compatibility with existing applications (you can find out more with colleagues on Technet).

Vector is also working to integrate tetch page applications. As for the operating system used in the watch, it has its own, unspecified system.

In addition to the promising battery life, another compatibility with vector is the compatibility with various operating systems. The watch will be used not only with devices with Android and iOS, but also with smartphones with mobile windows.

Watchmneukod or water, you will be able to go with them and 50 meters below the surface. More specifications are not known at this time. Including availability, the manufacturer should publish it during the summer.

The bag can be pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website. The Luna model will cost $ 349, ie nine thousand crowns. The version with a rectangular dial is then cheaper, the manufacturer will expect $ 199 (roughly five thousand crowns) for it. Doruen is free in the case of a pre-order.