TAG Heuer chyst digitln replica Carrera Black. S Intelem uvnit

Apple’s smart watch is growing, probably due to competition. The Tarm Heuer, a luxury manufacturer of luxury watches, will be able to present its own smart watch this year, using the Android operating system from Google. Due to the planned novelty, the company also cooperated with Intel.

The first luxury smart watch on the basis of Android was intended to be presented by the French company TAG Heuer patcdo in the French group of luxury producers LVMH in the fourth quarter of this year. Jean-Claude Biver, the managing director, informed about it. The bag refused to go into more detail about prices, functions or design. We don’t want the competition to know what we’re going to say, Biver said at a press conference at the watch and perk fair in Basel, according to AFP.

According to the original information, the TAG Heuer bag was the first in Basel to present its smart watch. Last year, Biver informed the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper.

According to the Reuters agency, the first smart watch of this Czech manufacturer of designs will fit into the Carrera series, they will have a digital replica of the original TAG Heuer Carrera Black.

The advent of smart watches surprised many Czech manufacturers and, according to the AFP agency, it seems that they could not cope with it. But some characters, such as Breitling and Frdrique Constant, have recently begun to move in this direction, trying to combine luxury and modern technology. The world’s largest watch manufacturer, the Swiss company Swatch, recently announced that it will launch a watch with payment functions.

American Intel, with whom TAG Heuer co-operated with it, began cooperating with the Oakley brand, the watch company Fossil and other consumer goods manufacturers last year on the development of smart wearable products.

We believe that wearable technologies will span, or say, how far you are and how you want to look at everything, according to Reuters, Intel’s vice president of new devices, Michael Bell, told a joint press conference with TAG Heuer.

The new manufacturer of luxury watches wants to compete with the recently introduced smart watch from the American Apple. You will be in the stores of selected stt to discover it on April 24. The Apple Watch price range will range from $ 350 (approximately 8,800 crowns) to $ 17,000 (ie 430,000 crowns) for the 18-card gold model (more here).

KApple Watch is required mt iPhone. Analysts say that the first customers will probably be the people who have this phone. The biggest embarrassment is around the Apple Watch battery. If they are to perform the functions of an assassin and a notification center without the need for a new horse, it will be necessary to charge them every 18 hours (you can find out more here).

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