Steve Jacobs did in Apple. It competes with the Watch

The smart watch segment will soon be playing a new game with each other. Olio is planning to launch its first product this year. The co-founder of the company is Steve Jacobs, who was once the main designer at Apple. He also worked for Google, HP or the Hungarian clock character Movado.

At first glance, the few smart watches mentioned so far appear to be a classic assassination. They have a round steel case that is accompanied by a bracelet or koen emnek. The quality of the processing bag does not reach the same level as the clock characters are able to offer.

Olio Model 1 watches are to be cast in this. Cases and steel strokes will give the company the traditional watch signs, which will definitely be in the finle. After all, even in the available photos, you may need to gently chamfer and summer the edges of the bracelet or the same machined steel bezel. The quality used will be high-quality 316L stainless steel (height), plus pictograms are shown on the watch.

Model 1 oil

The diameter of the housing is a respectable 47 mm, which is definitely an above-average value. The variant with a root weight in 81 grams, the bracelet weighs practically twice, in such a case it weighs 161 grams.

Model 1 oil
Model 1 oil

At the same time, the smart watch suffers from insufficient water resistance, which is usually only rated IP67. The watch can withstand hand washing, showering or immersion in water, but they would not have to swim without hunting. The oils have a water resistance of 50 m, so the floats are adapted.

Tm round display and custom OS

The display is slightly flattened at the top, so the net has a perfect circle like the LG G Watch R, and it has been tempered glass. It is not specific whether it is sapphire glass or you Gorilla glass. But let’s know the brightness value of the panel – 700 threads, which should guarantee very good readability of the display even in the sun.

Unlike the largest group of smart watches that rely on the Android Wear platform, Olio bet on its own system. It is important that the watch can be managed with both Android phones and iPhones. But that’s not it, Olio should be able to control the length and put the consumption (you need audio / video equipment in the household).

Model 1 oil
Model 1 oil

It is interesting that the offered functions of the watch will be promoted according to where the wearer will be located. Before meeting the meeting, they can ask if they should switch to silent modes so that meetings do not interfere with announcing notifications. Similarly, if the system recognizes that you would not have to arrive at a given meeting due to your location, it will offer to call a taxi.

The number of notifications on the display during the last 12 hours is shown by the lines coming from the center of the display. The pay is a simple measure of the length of the month, with more notifications at a given time. These will be divided into three basic categories, namely Earlier, Now and Later (ie two, now and later), so the user will be able to easily filter between the events that have taken place, or display the first one.

It is not possible to make phone calls from the watch, but via Google Voice or Siri’s assistant – depending on the type of smartphone being managed – they can be controlled by voice. The extent to which the user interface will be useful and its use will be effective, lessons learned and practical experience.

But you can go to a few msc pokme. Steve Jacobs speculated that the watch could go on sale during the month. The company u accept pre-orders. The basic version on the root bill costs $ 595 (about 15 thousand), the steel move then means a $ 50 surcharge.

Model 1 oil

ern variant, its case and thrust is provided with a PVD layer resistant to abrasion, then set at 745 dollars (18,700 K), the version with a bracelet is the manufacturer’s prices for almost 20 thousand crowns.

It is necessary to change that this is not a startup with a campaign for obtaining the necessary finances, for which the completion of the project is always uncertain. Admission to the Olio Model One watch is complete. Important information is that the basic and PVD version will be available in the first wave only in a very limited series of 500 pieces. Therefore, it is not advisable to grind with the order.