st agenda T goes to the courts. There will be disputes about invoices from the operator

On Monday, March 30, the government approved a proposal from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will issue an amendment to the report on electronic communications. The proposal is due to the transfer of the agenda related to complaints about the printing of telecommunications services from the Czech Telecommunications Series to the courts, from January 2017.

According to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the government instructed the Ministries of Industry and Justice to submit to the government a draft of legislative legislation. But bites will have to have such economic aspects. The funds, which are used for this matter by T and should be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, do not cover the actual costs of the court, said the Prime Minister.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), the agenda will leave a decision-making dispute on objections to complaints and other disputes of a private nature.

If people feel that the operator does not authorize them in any way, or that their quality does not correspond to what they have agreed on, they will still be able to turn to the T. it will not be a market regulator, but, in the event that there is no contract agreement, the court, as is the case in the rest of developed Europe, the ministry said.

With the exception of a dispute over unpaid invoices from the scope of a number of amendments, the amendment to the telecommunications account. In July 2013, Vldavak decided that the agenda would not be implemented, because according to the objections of the Ministry of Justice, this would lead to a flooded court. He then had to hire 200 employees (more here) due to the settlement of accumulated complaints.

On Monday, the amendment will issue an amendment to the Act on Electronic Communications, the Civil Court, the Act on Court Fees and the Act on Administrative Fees. activity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade since 1 January 2017.

Last year, the number of telecommunication services for operators submitted to the Czech Telecommunication Series fell by half to 176,300 unsuccessful proposals. Riding in 2012, it was over 400,000 people (more here).