Smartphones are as good as cigarettes. Let’s kill them with time

The dependence on smartphones is comparable to that on smoke. I say this from the university in Bonn, Germany, who has been watching hundreds of thousands of smartphone users since last year. With the help of a special application, they found out that the mobile phone is overused not only by young people, but also by people over 50 years of age.

The researchers have developed the Menthal application, which, after installation, shows its creator and user the use of a smartphone. The data we obtained are in the dark, said psychologist Christian Montag. According to him, the owner of smartphones uses his device for an average of 18 minutes to write first, play games or surf the Internet. At ten percent of the people it is even every ten minutes.

It’s similar to smoke. People are reaching for their smartphones, for example, to talk about time to kill time, Montag said. While the reward for a cigarette is the enjoyment of nicotine, the mobile phone user is rewarded for turning it on by finding one at first or bragging about the world to themselves.

According to Bonn scientists, the similarities with smoking are not limited to the breeding user of smartphones. However, experts have found that when you turn on your mobile phone, the same substances are activated in the brain as when the cock lit a cigarette. An interesting bag, according to them, is that strong smartphones usually do not use excessive smartphones and the user of the phone is just a strong one.

According to Montag, an excessive internal phone can act as a brake on economic productivity, because the owner of these devices often interrupts work so that they can have fun with a mobile phone.

The court in Porn-Palatinate even recently ruled that excessive inside the phone could be a reason to answer. He thus confirmed the decision of the care state, which dismissed one of his employees due to the fact that his mobile phone lasted more than an hour a day.

German sociologists are convinced that the company will start rejecting excessive smartphones in the future. In the first place, the dependence on electronic media will be sanctioned as well as smoke, said the sociologist Matthias Horx from Der Spiegel.

People who do not look for their smart phone will then appear as an unruly and weak owner, the Horx court.