Smart phones dull mylen and their notorious user stupid

People still have money on their mobile phones. Vt tendencies to such a practice logically have people who are more ground. In fact, according to scientists, the humanity is stupid in general, but still more people have trouble relying on easy access to the Internet on their mobile phones.

This emerges from a Canadian study conducted among smartphone users by psychologists there. Their country is quite unambiguous and recommended by: you can rely on their phones, on the British server According to the people, people prefer to rely on their devices not to think about themselves and try to solve the problem. Think of the smartphone as an extended mind.

It is assumed that those who are relatively less willing to solve the problem by strenuous logical washing can compensate for this reluctance by first relying on the Internet in their smartphone, in the study abstract published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior (here, paid access ).

The authors of this study can directly support the much widespread theory of money laundering. This is a branch that is still being studied by the researcher. We found that those who think more intuitively and analytically, more often relied on their smartphones for a problem, according to a study. According to psychologists, people choose an easy and fast way to take a hard time. In practice, therefore, the people would rather go straight to the mobile phone, rather than try to solve the problem itself and remember the thing.

In fact, the bag means that notorious users will be smartphone smart. What people rode years ago carried people in their brains, leave it to their devices. And without them, they are lost. The Canadian study is just one of many that draw attention to the gradual stupidity of humanity due to the use of modern technology. Although these students can only be seen on the phone, the speed of the smartphone is the most common means of accessing information.

It is estimated that mt smart phone u pt year over two billion people worldwide, in 2018 even the whole aunt of the world’s population.