She didn’t go on vacation without Facebook. The operator requires 180 thousand

It was supposed to be a quiet family holiday in Egypt, but for a young British woman it became a small measure. In addition to the councils on the field, she also enjoyed communicating with the people at the social network. And in the opinion that the hotel wi-fi is used. After returning home, the family did not become surprised after receiving the notice.

British O2 O2 for seventeen years Lauren Searleov, or rather after her mother, the name of the contract is written, it requires the payment of 4,908 pounds, ie in the amount of about 181 thousand crowns. My daughter ended up on antidepressants. She really did like it, said the crushed mother for the British portl Daily Mail.

During his eight-day stay in Egypt, Laurentoti was associated with Facebook questions. This is due to the fact that the hotel has access to pedestrian wi-fi. In addition, the tunnel was high, because it had a set limit of 120 pounds (approximately 4,300 crowns).

is not in the horseshoe, she had until the moment when she received the first information SMS. There was a questionnaire in question, whether you want to increase this limit or activate an additional 200MB data package. Lauren agreed. Zhy committed a much more serious mistake – after following an SMS containing information about the limit reached, she agreed to cancel it.

The family was not surprised by the home. In the December press, the operator demanded to pay a sum of £ 3,704 (approximately 135,000 crowns). At the end of the burrow, when all the use of services for the whole holiday were included, then the hundred rose to five thousand pounds.

The family operator offered a payment calendar with a monthly payment of more than 100 pounds (approximately 3,700 crowns). We can’t afford it. We could afford perhaps £ 50 msn, but it will take years, the desperate mother added. Lauren, who ended up on antidepressants, is aware that the family will not be able to repay such a high debt.

After initial unsuccessful attempts to reduce debt, the operator finally took the right step. Due to the size of the family, he forgave more than 1,700 pounds (approximately 62 thousand crowns). The debt thus fell to almost 3,200 pounds (about 117 thousand crowns).

If I had said it, I would tell her to grow with it. Lauren thought the stle was still under £ 120. She had no tuen, Lauren’s mother added.

According to a British speaker, it was enough for them to set a financial limit for data transfers before leaving for the contract. Its ve in 40 pounds (tm 1,500 crowns). It is then up to the customers whether they will be increased when this limit is reached. Their consent is required even if they cancel this limit.