Samsung is for itself a world of units, Microsoft m record low

Strategy Analytics has published the results of smartphone and mobile phone sales for the first quarter of this year. Samsung has returned to the position of world leaders, but the results of the second Apple are impressive. Microsoft, on the other hand, lost again and reached the record lowest thorn.

Results as traditional do not include far from all manufacturers, but only the front. Even so, this is interesting information. Samsung was on the forefront, both in smartphones and overall. Today, however, smartphones represent the overwhelming majority of sales of mobile devices (about a quarter) and for the manufacturer it is the most interesting category.

Meziron, however, sold Samsung to me, while Apple sold more. Loniv in the first quarter sold Samsung twice as many smartphones as Apple, this year the difference is halved. Let’s add that in the last quarter, Samsung and Apple sold about the same amount of devices.

For Samsung, the good first is that the results for the first quarter are the best for the last three quarters. This means that Samsung probably stabilized its sales and stuck to growth.

Traditional, the results of smaller brands are growing, their market share has increased from 42 percent to almost 48 percent, and in a few quarters it has risen to about half of the entire market.

Worldwide smartphone sales for 1Q 2015 (millions of pieces)
Sparrow 1Q 2014 4Q 2014 1Q 2015 1Q 2014 podl 1Q 2015 podl
Samsung 89 74,5 83,2 31,2 % 24,1 %
Apple 43,7 74,5 61,2 15,3 % 17,7 %
Lenovo 19,7 24,7 18,8 6,9 % 5,4 %
Huawei 13,4 24,1 17,3 4,7 % 5,1 %
Last 119,2 182,3 164,5 41,8 % 47,7 %
Total 285 380,1 345 100 % 100 %

This is the case of Lenovo, which will result in the acquisition of Motorola. Tsn za Lenov je dal nsk emblem Huawei. Compared to the first two producers, however, our pair has a known loss. Together they do not say what Apple.

Overall, the production of all mobile phones, including ordinary devices, is the largest manufacturer of Samsung and the other is Apple, although it does not produce ordinary mobile phones and does not sell them. This is Microsoft, including Nokia for ordinary mobile phones. However, their sales are still declining and, according to Microsoft, there is a record low on the market, including two Nokia results. He currently has only 7.6 percent of the market, last year in the first quarter it was 11.4 percent.

Total worldwide mobile sales for 1Q 2015 (millions each)
Sparrow 1Q 2014 1Q 2015 1Q 2014 podl 1Q 2015 podl
Samsung 113 99 27,4 % 22,2 %
Apple 43,7 61,2 10,6 % 13,7 %
Microsoft 47 33,7 11,4 % 7,6 %
Last 208,1 251,2 50,5 % 56,4 %
Total 411,8 445,1 100 % 100 %