Question to anyone about Apple Watch: Are you crazy?

Apple Watches are the most anticipated watches of their kind, but the competition is still fun. Pli did not dazzle their prespokldan vdr on a single charge and the price for the version with a gold case is on the other hand and dared. HTC representatives and Asus characters went to the watch for the last time.

Although the price of the Apple Watch is set at 9,000 korunch for the version with an aluminum case, the steel version with a steel pull means a piklin atikrt you price (14,000 and 28,000 crowns). Apple Watch Edition with a gold case, then start a hard million and a gold bracelet means a price equal to twice, ie in the amount of a million crowns (more about the price range of the watch here).

The usefulness of the watch on his Twitter recently praised the marketing of Taiwanese HTC characters by Jeff Gordon. He first said that he could not imagine the technical tweak that an Apple watch would do first. But then he added that one such vc furnace was only known, namely a DVD rewinder.

No wonder, evm labeled this helper nothing, it’s basically nonsense. Simply put this state of the art to make sure that each DVD movie needs to be turned back on before you can play again. Like you on a videotape, where an operation without discussions is really necessary.

So all you have to do is insert a disc into this zazen, press the button, petoit the DVD and then enjoy it safely again from the very beginning. We will look for obesity.

Asus: a golden apple and a pile of ice blzen

The Asus brand has even prepared a wide-ranging question for all potential gold enthusiasts, who will call it the Golden Apple, and their truthful answers will suggest whether this purchase is a really good idea.

First question from: Are you crazy? If the answer is in the affirmative, the question is whether you really have tons of pensions to scatter. If the person interested in the watch nods in agreement with this question, the buyer asks if he is sure of his answer and if there really are no bundles, he should be able to do so. If Apple insists on its answers, and therefore also on the purchase of gold watches, the message follows that it must have really gone crazy.

Buy gold

If only any of the questions are answered in question, the arrow always leads to a watch with the Asus logo, with the fact that buying ZenWatch for $ 200 is definitely a reasonable choice.

Although Apple’s competition is similar to jokes, it’s not out of the question, and it’s even more likely that they will eventually be in Cupertino first.

Analysts generally predict the Apple Watch high volume, many times, not yet buyers have expressed for any other watch of this kind. Assumptions mean that between 15 and 20 million watches could be sold this year.

In recent days, the slowdown in the pace of production due to production complications has two hopes beyond the lower limit of sales, but even so, in the given segment it would mean an unseen shower (more in two lines).