Paradoxically, Samsung will manufacture processors for the rival

Samsung’s relationships with various competitors and business partners are intertwined. As part of further development, the company is now preparing to manufacture processors for Qualcomm. He is one of the suppliers of ipsets for smartphones with Korean characters, but Samsung also competes with its own processors.

The server reported that Qualcomm, a leading supplier of processors for smartphones, should have the latest generation of its IPs manufactured by Samsung. The relationship between the two companies is a bit complicated. Qualcomm is one of the suppliers of processors for smartphones with Korean characters, most recently failed with its Snapdragon 810 ipset, which Samsung did not use in the spade models Galaxy S6 and S6 edge compared to the real ones. The reason should be to sweat with a hot ipset and thus lose power on your own Samsung Exynos 7420 processor.

According to Re / code, the company is preparing a contract for the production of a new processor in Samsung’s factories. In short, the traditional supplier of qualcommu, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), should drink in this case. Its factory can now produce processors with only 20nm technology, while Samsung has for some time used a three-meter production process. This pin has been changed ip and so their consumption is reduced.

Samsung should produce the future peak of the Snapdragon 820 ip for Qualcomm, which will become the successor of the 810 type and which should move the peak of smartphones in the first year. According to information from Re / code, the traditional supplier of the processor hopes, among other things, that he will be able to renew the supplies for the new Samsung model spades. The fact that Qualcomm will use a new advanced process during production was confirmed by the company two, but production at Samsung has not been officially announced yet.

In addition, Qualcomm will not rely on Samsung for production. According to two information, Re / code and rival Apple are similar. Samsung is its traditional supplier of components, but also due to disagreements between companies, Apple tried to get rid of the dependence on Samsung. The A8 processors for the current iPhone 6 models thus produce the first TSMC. Only for the A9 generation does Apple want to produce advanced technology and thus be able to move production back to Samsung.