Neuviteln slo Google: prodv se 18 000 rznch Android smartphone

There are 18,000 different Android smartphones on the market worldwide. Incredibly stated by Google in an internal material for employees in response to the European Commission’s statement. For comparison, competing Apple has six models on the market, including sales.

For years, Google has been informally investigating the European Commission on suspicion that its Android operating system is abusing its dominant position in the market. This year, on April 15, the formal settlement began (more here). Google reacted to this fact and to other researchers with an internal material published by the server.

In essence, Google explains in the material that there is an open platform that is available for free and there is competition on the market in the form of Apple and its iOS system, respectively the system from Microsoft and Blackberry.

An interesting bag is the one that appears in the document. According to Google, there are currently 18,000 different smartphones with Android on the market. This is an unimaginable word that is probably difficult for anyone to confirm or contradict. Of this sweat, only a fraction of the machine will be on the market in Europe, we estimate it to be thousands.

He has given a huge number of models of Czech brands, including, for example, counterfeit character devices. You all use Android. In just one of the many popular retail websites with our phones, almost 3,000 models of various smartphones with this operating system can be found.

For comparison, in the competition we get to a hundred models. Probably the most of them will be with the Windows Phone operating system, even so they are just boards. Apple with iOS reln of three models, with the sale of the old iPhone 4 / 4s series, it is not even ten models. It’s similar with Blackberry and put systems are slist with pr pieces.

It also shows how the Android platform is born. The question is what the European Commission will say and how the operating system will turn out.

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14. nora 2015