Nedostatkov Apple Watch v lench testech. Kon v mixeru i pod pnv

While some cannot prove the Apple Watch, others subject it to only experiments. Of course, it is perhaps only a test of resistance to soil from more than a meter high. But when the baldness falls on you, the stump falls, ends up in the mixer or disappears under a layer of hoice with keup?

Blendtec’s interest has not yet escaped Apple’s product. So, more precisely, one of those that, thanks to its dimensions, will fit into a kitchen mixer. And so it is not surprising that the company director and the main actor are deprived of the concept of spotWill it blend? (Is it getting mixed up?) Tom Dickson didn’t even miss the Apple Watch.

After sarkastick remarks about creating his own iWatch names on Apple due to the relatively late launch of the actual product, a brief interview with Siri’s voice assistant follows, who accepts Tom’s remark about the watch’s glory with the horseshoe.

Even Siri’s remark that Apple Watch is a work of art did not save them from the sharpened noemixer. Even that turns into a mere pile of black dust in the next few seconds. In the twist of the spot, they balance on the edge with a simple advertisement and get rid of the show, there is also a mention of the preparation of a car from Apple. Tom, even deal with it.

Apple Watch’s CNet Sharon Profis port, which is a long-distance video, also works hard with Apple Watch’s endurance test. She tested the novelty with a price starting at $ 349 (more than 8,500 crowns) during kitchen activities. This is due to the fact that the watch is forgotten, for example, by the unexpected forgetting of the watch.

The watch in the kitchen environment baked a lot. From a ten-minute bath in a pot of water, the dog grates on a grater and cuts it and drips it into a red frying pan, where it is covered with a layer of maple syrup, soy sauce, keup, hoice, burqa mist and delicacies.

The watch did not have to stay in vac of waters. Due to the high temperatures, they self-restarted, but peils. Baked and repeated pd on the floor and stomped heel. For the sapphire glass that Apple used to watch the Watch and Watch Edition, it was destructive and the impact was no longer a matter of time.

On the portal YouTubelzev currently look at the plates of various tests, although Apple Watch is a shortage of money (everything here), and many would be willing to pay for it did not have strokes. The test ranges from ovens to water resistance, where the watch has to withstand immersed to a meter depth for 30 minutes, and to those that lead to irreversible damage.

At the cheapest Watch Sportpak, Apple used Ion-X glass, but as many videos show, it lasts a lot. In case of normal damage, the damage should not occur, but in case of carelessness, some rha can appear. Ion-X glass has been damaged, for example, by sandpaper resistance testing.

The watch will certainly not understand a hammer. And even with regard to the flexibility of the subsoil, they resisted at first.