Microsoft surprised the Android Phone pob and Android and iOS applications

Microsoft is catching the latest move to promote the Windows operating system on smart devices. At the Build conference, he introduced an een that can easily develop their iOS and Android applications to pen on the Windows platform and publish them to the Windows Store. In addition, applications for all Windows devices can be purchased through mobile operators.

A new unexpected could help increase the popularity of the Windows operating system on smartphones. This allows them to easily recompile their applications written for Android or iOS in Visual Studio for the first time on the new Windows 10.

The announcement was a surprise, while support for android applications began to be speculated about just before the conference. Analyst Paul Thurrott said before the arrest of the conference on the web that Windows Phoneumon would launch an application designed for Android. In contrast, iOS support is unexpected.

Microsoft will call this the Universal Windows Platform Bridge, and in addition to Android and iOS applications, it will also support the transfer of applications written in .NET, Win32, Javascript and Cordova.

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The new measure is intended to support the pre-distribution of Windows 10 in mobile devices, while Windows Phone suffers from the development of development. The lack of applications is related to the user’s lack of interest in the platform. The company promises from the new een that it will be able to get many more applications into its Windows Store, not yet. It is not yet known whether the applications will behave, for example.

Developers will probably only have to pay a bit of attention to the application, because even the new Windows 10 has a distinctly different user environment from Android or iOS with a slightly different control logic. However, recompiled applications will be able to take advantage of system functions such as the keyboard or even the debugger. Similarly, only for Android applications and BlackBerry. Since Windows 10 works with the concept of so-called Universal Apps, applications will be created in this way on other Windows 10 devices.

Opertoi and pota from a smartphone

During the Build conference, Microsoft announced that all applications from its in-store store will now be available for purchase with payment via a mobile operator. Thanks to the concept of universal applications, this applies to all Windows 10 programs, and they are intended primarily for computers, tablets or mobile phones. For the time being, he will support the service at 90 world operators.

The connection between the mobile and the desktop world will be through Continuum. This basically means that users will be able to create a classic pot from their smartphone if necessary. Continuum has the customization of the user environment on the display of the device not only its feet, but also how the accessory is connected to the device. The user environment should change gradually, depending on the available peripherals and the size of the display. The application on a smartphone, tablet or PC will look a little different, but the changes will be reflected in the way that the user connects a Bluetooth keyboard or other accessories to the smartphone. For example, the same navigation key appears on the tablet in the main taskbar as on a smartphone.

According to a Microsoft representative, this feature also requires new hardware. This means that an existing Windows Phone user cannot benefit from the benefits. With new phones, the user will be able to see that after connecting the monitor, their phone becomes a classic PC external monitor, keyboard, and we bring the opportunity to use applications as if they were on a laptop. I will not show the classic desktop of all smartphones.