Italians will help Google animate smart glasses. How will they compete with the watch?

Google Glass will not sell it since January 2015, but that does not mean that Google has turned its attention to smart glasses. Instead, the product was developed separately from the project in the experimental laboratories of the city. The Italian brl proposal has now confirmed that it is working with Google on a second version of Glass. What should they be used for?

Image se to the eye of the prom

The image is taken into the eye of a small projector through a prism. The result is the illusion of a 60cm piblin screen viewed from two and a half meters.

In January 2015, Google ended the sale of the first generation of Smart Glasses. It has been speculated that the company simply got rid of a project that did not work. However, Google has repeatedly confirmed that this is only the end of an experimental phase in laboratories – the Glass development team was involved in regular product development under the baton of Tony Fadel, who joined Google as part of the NEST acquisition (more in our acquisition article).

But now the Italian company Luxottica has stated that Google is working on a kind of version of Smart glasses Glass. Luxottica Group has a total of 77 thousand employees and specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of luxury, copper, sports and special glasses. In addition to Google, it cooperates with Intel in the development of smart glasses.

According to IGN speculations, the glasses of the new generation could be hidden behind a device that Google sent to the American Federal Commission for Communications for approval. There is almost nothing familiar about zazen, but it will have a touch surface that would fit on the Glass saddle.

Slavn zatky Google Glass

The introduction of Google Glass took place in an unexpectedly large style. Sergey Brinn, the founder of Google, showed them on water during the Google I / O development conference in June 2012. A year later, Glass became the dominant element of the conference.

Nae report o Google Glass z konference I/O 2013:

The Glass glasses were soon available only to a few selected Google I / O conferences that have joined the Przkumnk program (in the original Explorer) since mid-2013 for $ 1,500 (then about 30,000 K). A year later, Google invited wave przkumnk, pedevm from USA (more in the review). After all, Glass glasses were one of the most watched products for some time, after a wave of unrivaled reviews, the initially uncritical hope of a futuristic product declined.

How are people’s reactions to the first generation of Google Glass?

The first reaction to Google Glass is usually to look really weird, then begging him to try them? So far, everything is right – Glass was, after all, an experimental project, but maybe a little too much for the public.

Look at reaction of the people on the street on Google Glass first generation:

When someone puts on Glass, they don’t have much to do. Control is smart, but definitely not intuitive. Voice control – what everyone expects from Glass for the basis of their first public performance, works only in specific cases and definitely one hundred percent. In most cases, this will end in a photo or short video.

Navigation in m
About the application vyu

Some applications that show the possibilities of smart glasses: navigation, video playback and exercises.

With ukzkch Glass, I learned to use a successful application. Maps were the biggest rush, navigating in the corner of your eye with a map that adapts to what you see, looking really futuristic. Similarly, Star Charts has developed non-sky information.

Glasses or watches?

At the time when Google Glass first appeared, the smart watch market was virtually empty. Three years later, however, it’s quite crowded and Glass is logically comparable to a smart watch first. And don’t get the best out of this glasses.

Chytr brle vs. smart watch
Co around: Chytr brle Smart watch
Notify first time or call year year
Voice control year year
Discreet audio playback year pes Bluetooth
Vibration usually not year
Display stle na och year born
Monost photographed and filmed year sometimes
Contextual content by location year year
Navigation year year
Discretion born spe an
Touch control limited year

You can hide the watch under your sleeve at any time or simply not pay attention to it – the rest of the people have been used to the device for centuries. On the other hand, robotic glasses are something completely new and attract attention in all circumstances, even when you do not wear them.

This is the longest reminder – the new Glass glasses must be either very inconspicuous, or at least easy to remove and store. Because of the prun construction, you couldn’t just take off the first generation and put it in your pocket. What does it mean that when you go somewhere with Glass glasses, you will have them under you. Even in situations where it provokes people around me.


New Recon Jet glasses for a quick look at information during sports.

Therefore, according to us, the smart glasses of Google can be used much more for very specific applications and professions, not for bn kadodenn noen. Just as most people don’t carry a SLR camera with those lenses, so don’t worry about accidents in any situation. I can use the doctor for a quick and contextual overview or sports and navigation applications for runners, cyclists or skiers. The Recon company fell in love with the first athlete (more in our article from 2013).

Let’s see how Google’s new generation will fare. The pastor will definitely not only send their design.