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The case from African Nigria shows where and I will go for a long time of ignorance on the part of the operators as to the quality of services. There, the organization for the protection of the first consumer, with the support of the government, threatened the leadership of the telecommunications company if they did not improve the quality of voice services.

In recent years, the number of mobile users has increased due to the price of African operators, who have sharply reduced charges for mobile services. However, the operas did not react to the influx of new customers. Although thanks to the current operator, they knew the costs associated with using a mobile phone, on the other hand, they can also feel the sweat of the participants in the wall.

This is because the vision of a large number of users is only due to their price. Somehow forget about investing money according to invest, especially in improving infrastructure. A number of mobile services are thus unusable, due to the diligence of the state. Problems have also recently revealed tests performed by the controller. Among other things, he found that the days of the verified operators did not meet the quality of the services guaranteed in their agreements.

However, the Nigerian Consumer Protection Organization (CPC) has been patient and has decided to emerge. Last year, for example, she banned her from the opertorm to connect new participants. The provider did not notice any bag from this, so the organization was fined heavily. But even those did not help to improve the situation.

The CPC thus decided to increase the pressure. With the support of the local government, it has therefore variously called on telecommunications companies to start the situation and start investing in infrastructure modernization. The organization has adopted a strategy of litigation and a criminal society, which they will continue to ignore.

The two have taken a similarly vigorous approach to the mobile opertorm government in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. And given the situation, the number of African states that will keep pressure on operators to improve the quality of services is likely to go vol. It can be expected that the decision of Nigria, its telecommunications market is the largest on the African continent, will be followed by the governments of smaller countries.