I didn’t rob, the stupid bank robbery claimed. Then he took a picture of the loot with his mobile phone

Try to be inconspicuous, cleverly hide your identity. The bank robbery does not want to make the police easier in any way. This is not the case with a twenty-three-year-old boy, who, after a bank robbery after a bank robbery, boasted his photos from his mobile phone on Instagram.

At a time when Virginia Beach police officers were receiving mud on Monday, May 4, they robbed the city’s TowneBank branch, they had no idea that catching the perpetrator would not take them more than a long break. Twenty-three-year-old Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca from Norfolk did not lose his magnifying glass at all, and it was his fault.

Alfonseca took away from the bank an unspecified amount of sweat, which he sent to the cashier with a message, in which he gave expenses of 150 thousand dollars (more than 3.5 million crowns). At the same time, he handed over the press of the alarm system a minute and a minute after his departure, explaining that the police took a maximum of three minutes for the city.

The cashier should also make sure that there will not be a bomb with paint in the banknotes. In addition, the young man’s message was apparently supplemented by a smiley face to relieve the situation.

So apparently he was trying to gain enough time for no one. However, the subsequent work made the police easier to know. Mole after another, he started publishing judging materials.

According to information from the Fox6Now.com portal, he used his instagram to hunt his hunter in photos and videos from his mobile phone. Until then, the piece of information that the police officer had about the lupus had, thanks to this, materialized in a particular person.

Alfonseca ended up in police handcuffs just twenty minutes from the robbery himself and listened to the accuser of the bank robbery. He is currently linked to the jail and hopes that the first materials from Instagram will help him.

He published these data so that in case the pededier suspected that he was armed during the looting. In addition, he claims that he did not rob the bank, he simply applied for a pension. I could ct ne even I would odeel.

In fact, I gave permission to get the pension, he said in a further interview with the fact that he is to be charged without charge. I didn’t hurry in my eyes, he added.

Alfonsekv’s case will be heard in court on June 12. The accused is convinced that he will be reprimanded.