Hardware for smart watches nobody in Hungary neum

Keep smart watches cool for most traditional beekeepers, at least that’s how their leaders are exposed. An exception is the company TAG Heuer, which does not hide the preparation of similar watches. Her company JCBiver confirmed that the watch would not have a Swiss Made sticker and praised Apple’s upcoming watch.

While for the TAG Heuer watches manufactured so far, the Swiss Made sign is a matter of course at the bottom of the line, this will not be the case with smart watches. In an interview with the Bloomberg server, JCBiver, which is a female watch division of the LVMH concern, said Hublot, Zenith or Bulgari.

According to him, in the development of smart watches, cooperation with companies from Silicon Valley, which are technically better equipped in this respect, is absolutely necessary for the Czech characters.

We cannot make an ipset on our own and supply all the necessary hardware for a smart watch. Nobody in Hungary can do that. So the hardware and software will come from Silicon Valley, but the case, selnk, crown, ie the overall design will be created here in Switzerland, said Biver.

Two expert units are involved in the development of smart TAG Heuer

The management of TAG Heuer put together two dark specialists for this project. While the first will be in charge of the design and manufacture of the case and other non-electronic lengths, the second will work first on electronics and software. The official announcement of partnerships with companies outside the Czech Republic was intended to announce the company within six weeks.

Therefore, have TAG Heuer have a smart watch machine manufactured by an external supplier, a necessary condition for obtaining the Swiss Made label, ie half of the caliber must be made on the ground in Italy, so logically it will not be met.

This will not even be necessary, because those interested in smart watches have other priorities and the absence of the Swiss Made label will not interest them. While with classic watches the time indicator together with the date stamp is often the only functionality, with smart watches it is only one function out of many. In addition, the capabilities of such watches may continue to expand.

Wrong with what operating system they will be equipped with. The widest ecosystem of applications is the current Android Wear, which is Android’s design for wearable electronics. This does not mean, however, that the TAG Heuer watch will have a built-in GPS and a rich application and hardware equipped to monitor the maximum physical functions. The basic set of applications will also include thematic titles from the sports industries that sponsor the character, or excellent corporate ambassadors.

Biver momentarily Apple Watch and one to buy one

While the darkness of using the platform during the conversation was not delicious, there could be no mention of the most anticipated smart watch – Apple Watch.

Shortly after their introduction last year, JCBiver was one of the first senior leaders in the Czech Republic to attend. At that time, he stated that watches remain attractive, they are very similar and very similar to those listed (Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony Smart watch, etc.).

At the same time, he did not rule out that TAG Heuer could smartly offer his watch to his clients in the near future.

But in the last interview, he looks at something else and Apple Watch describes it as a fantastic product that is inclined to an incredible hurry. He added that he was not conservative, acknowledged the unconventional and uncomfortable, and did not rule out that Apple Watch could regularly return to the future in the future.

In addition, Apple watches vnm as the biggest competitor for traditional watches in price levels up to two thousand dollars (about 48 thousand crowns). This is a stupid level in which the fall did not have the characteristics of the TAG Heuer portfolio. These are mainly quartz models and then a basic mechanical watch without further complications (GMT, chronograph, big date).

The interesting thing is that the TAG Heuer watch, which we could call smart, was made two years ago. The Aquaracer 72 model was created as an aid to Oracle’s darkness crew in the 2013 Americas Cup yacht race.

The watch was supposed to be inside a striking 51mm titanium Wi-Fi case, through which they communicated with the dashboard and with the help of the display informed the crew about the current speed of the ship, the direction and speed of the wind or its noise. Aquaracer 72 used the Android system, and so they were programmable, it would not be possible to finish the application. In 2013, these days did not exist. In total, only 50 pieces of these non-traditional watches were made, which were completed by a waterproof watch. They never got to the store counters.