Google mn zmek mobile. As soon as you let it fly, it will lock

Google is testing a new way of securing some Android smartphones, which could soon spread to other phones. With the help of the sensor, the phone recognizes that it is in your hand or in your pocket and does not require locking. As soon as the smartphone remains somewhere quiet, it will be locked.

A new way to secure your Android smartphone is to come out to those users who have their phone with them at all times and very often regret it. Unlocking it with the help of your password every minute is quite annoying.

The motion sensors in the phone simply know that the phone is in the user’s pocket or in the user’s hand, so the user will not be locked. Even if you take the phone out of your pocket after some time of inactivity, you will not need to enter the password. All you have to do is turn on the screen and use the phone. The situation will change if the phone stays somewhere. The system then assumed that someone else could get to the phone. The password change will be activated automatically and the phone will request it.

This new smart security is given by the Smart Lock feature, which can be found in smartphones with a bird Android. Join the possibilities of having smart clothes in two-way cities (you won’t be locked at home or in the office) or near two-way devices, you have a smart watch.

While it seems that the new method of security is only available for some devices, according to which the new feature is a part of the update of Google Play Services from version 7.0.97. Although it may not appear with all versions of Android 5.0 smartphones with this version, it is very likely that the novelty with further updates will find its way into other devices.

Although the new method increases user comfort, it is always necessary to keep in mind that such a comfortable furnace only increases the safety risks. The password active under all conditions is of course certain. On the other hand, better such a comfortable way of securing the bottom. It’s just a question of how the new scheme will react in a situation where someone secures a phone secured in this way from the user’s pocket. Then the device itself does not know that it has changed owners, so the data on the phone can be easily accessible. At least until the thief puts the phone on the counter in the pawn shop.