Geniln invent, or complete stupidity. Never hit the wall

If you can’t get away from the phone screen even on foot and often close awkward accidents, you may have to do something about it. As an alternative to not using the mobile phone while walking, a special cover with a mirror has now appeared.

Although the main development of this cover is Amerian, from the official pages of the project it is clear that, like many other unusual covers for mobile phones, this will go primarily to Japan. There is a market for similar pieces of the city, in the past it became popular, for example, a carrot-shaped cover (more here) or a multifunctional nunak-style cover (more here).

Fresh news, especially for people who often use the phone while walking, limits their space outside. In the otherwise fairly ordinary cover on the iPhone, the manufacturers have added a mirror that can be adjusted so that the eyes of the camera can move in front of you, even when your mobile phone is tilted to the ground. The resulting product was named by the manufacturers FLiCC, as an abbreviation of the words Forward Looking Cellphone Case or Cover for two in front of each other.

FLiCC cover

FLiCC cover

The slogan for this cover was poured by the whole series. At the bottom of the wall, fall into the fountain, a cyclist or an unexpected encounter with a bear. If these are not just empty words, but a fact, the manufacturers have documented ivideosestihem various accidents with a mobile phone in hand on YouTube.

The functionality visible in front of you on the phone screen is of course conditioned by the use of the application key. When you type first or otherwise, you will see a window with an image capturing the back of the camera. It can now be downloaded from the App Store now. The cover itself will only be available for the latest generations of the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. That is, if his campaign works on the Kickstarter server.

Although there is still a high financial impact on the arrest, the supporter has not seen much. Specifically, who are willing to write together in the amount of $ 146 (about 3,700 crowns), only the inventor has set the tariff to $ 8,000 (about 200,000 crowns).

The possibility inside such a cover is one of the other indications of how much refusal to detach from the screens of our phone. In the past, a similar problem was found, for example, in the city of Washington in the USA, which introduced a special lane on the sidewalk for people with a mobile phone in hand (more here).