ena pechytraila nsilnka. She ordered a pizza with a shelf on top

She called the Cheryl Treadway police in Tamp, Florida, USA in an unusual way. Her particularly drugged friend rubbed her hard at home and checked her step. The help of the mobile application allowed her to order pizza and she instead of extra ingredients handed over to the police.

Ethan Nickerson restrained his girlfriend Cheryl in a house in Florida from May 4 and threatened her in the future. He removed her phone so she couldn’t call for help, and accompanied her all day to keep her under control.

In the afternoon, however, Cheryl managed to convince the birds so she could order food. With the help of the Pizza Hut app, the woman ordered a pizza, which Nickerson had again confiscated from her mobile phone. But he didn’t know she sent an extra message.

Cheryl made an urgent request in the note for delivery, the operator of which could not have doubts about its significance: Please help. You get to the police. 911 nose help!

give me a pizza. The woman asked for help in the polka for instructions idii: Please help. Get 911 to me.

According to the release of the local erifase, the police issued the city immediately. After entering the house, Cheryl opened the door with a small child. Intervening police officers reported that Nickerson was inside himself.

She went to him, but gave two children to go inside the house with a person who was under the influence of narcotics, and in such people do not know what to do when they have, Curtis Ludden, one of the intervening police officers, described the situation for the Washington Post.

Nickerson really barricaded himself in the house and it took the police 20 minutes, they didn’t convince him to give up and go out. The sweat was arrested and he is accused of flowing, attacking a weapon without a mind to kill, restricting personal freedoms and restricting communication with the deputies.

The order of pizza as free for help was also in the famous advertisements

The policeman appreciated the ingenuity attacked by Cheryl: I don’t know if it would ever occur to me. And she made it completely natural. Her ptel didn’t know until we were around the corner.

It is possible that Cheryl drank with an idea to get an order to go to the police station and thanks to advertisements from the organization NoMore.org, which draws attention to the domestic force and helps the victims to get help. We hear the first voting, who in this case calls the police, but prefers to order a pizza. The advertisement is mainly based on this published work by the operator of the 911a line and is not sure whether the scene is based on a real situation.

The ad was posted during the 2015 Super Bowl match: