Discover the sights of Moravia and Silesia and win an iPhone 6

In the next round of the competition with the Vodafone operator, he will visit you again at least one of the selected locations. Now we will focus on the beauties of Moravia and Silesia, with them you will have to take a self-portrait in the city. The winners of the iPhone 6 and other prizes will be decided this time as well.

Even in the new round, there is a reluctance to travel to ternu, however, selected localities and so relatively favorable weather will make up for it. In contrast to the previous round, there were selected locations throughout the Czech Republic, senyn will cover only Moravia and Silesia. Sout Najdi Vodafone Turbo Internet starts simultaneously with the release of this article, ie March 21, 2015 at 00:10.

What is at stake?

My partner Vodafone and I chose the main prize iPhone6 ​​with 16 GB memory. He gave two soutc zskaj 10GB data SIM card with Turbo Internet from Vodafone on msc for free.

The game is simple

On the map you will find a total of seven points of interest on the land of Moravia and Silesia. ’28 .9 ″ E), baroque settlement Mikulov (Mikulov – coordinates: 4848’24.0 ″ N, 1638’11.4 ″ E), Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelen Hoe (rnad Szavou- coordinates: 4934’48.6 ″ N, 1556’31.1 L E), arel s. Fortified Hlun-Darkoviky (Darkovice – coordinates: 4955’31.1 ″ N, 1813’16.8 ″ E), Jaromice Calvria (Jaromice – coordinates: 4937’16.6 ″ N, 1645’02.8 ″ E) anovorenesann radnici in Krnov (Krnov – coordinates: 5005’23.1 ″ N, 1742’12.4 ″ E).


Competitive game Find Vodafone Turbo Internet – a map of the Czech Republic with significant sights in Moravia and Silesia

You will visit at least one of the listed attractions and then take pictures so that the picture has, in addition to your area, also a clearly recognizable landmark from the list.

In addition, you have to describe Turbo Internet in a self-portrait, drawing, text and in any other way, which Vodafone covers 96% of the R.Form population.

It is not a complicated round this time either, in addition to the previous round, you do not have to search for selected locations for a long time.

The vote will be decided by a voting party

From a photograph that meets all the requirements of the competition image, an expert jury composed of representatives of Vodafone and the editorial staff will select ten images. Typing to the final voting, which will take place on the website on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The winners will again decide on the winners.

Soutc sent me a maximum of seven photos, ie only one from each landmark. Send the photos to the e-mail [email protected], all at once, ie not gradually. Write your name in the e-mail.

Sout probh from 21. 21. 2015 from 00:10 to22. bezna 2015do 23:59. Two and later down emails will be discarded.

We will publish the results no later than March 27, 2015 and we will contact all winners by e-mail. The complete rules of the competition can be found here.

Redakce vm peje hodn tst!