Creative idea of ​​how to easily break your mobile phone

Internet inventors from the Kickstarter server keep surprising. One of their latest ideas is to turn a smart phone into a central set of flying drones. It looks great on the pope, in practice we wonder how often the phones will fall to the ground.

Long-controlled drones have recently become a relatively popular affair. It can serve as an ordinary flying game or as a tool for taking photos and videos from the air. Their use of these elements in practice is rehearsed by many films, usually with professional models.

PhoneDrone, as this model manufacturer named, is used for similar elm. In many ways, it behaves like a standard drone, but in addition it can use the software and optics of the camera from the phone, which is inserted in its body. I can become a personal cameraman on the phone, or, as the cars themselves, did not go selfie in the world.

The drone is controlled with the help of a special application, on which you can either fill the flight path in advance or choose to have the drone follow (after comparison with another GPS device). It’s possible to control it from the ground, but you need a kind of smartphone. You can see the image in it at the same time. In addition, the automation ensures that it does not move away from vs dronpli and so that it can withstand when the battery runs out.

You don’t have to worry about PhoneDrone being limited to one type of operating system, or even one phone model. The phone holder is flexible and can hold iPhones up to size 6 Plus and starts with an android operating system up to size Nexus 6. The operation of the phone with the drone itself is provided by wireless wi-fi assistance. The drone is able to fly for 20 and 25 minutes and zvldnerychlost and 55 kilometers per hour.

And to the inappropriate. The cars themselves admit that their model is not yet equipped with anti-collision sensors. This poses a major problem if you want to use the drone anywhere other than in a completely open space. It would also not matter how PhoneDrone handles hormone conditions, for example. And especially how the plastic body can protect the phone in case of fall. In the case of a few meters we are quite skeptical.

In terms of life, the drone itself has one interesting element. If you own a 3D printer, you can even print the entire body of the drone at home and put it together, or even print spare parts.

On the Kickstarter server, the project is quite good. On his introduction to realityse u select pepot dog one and a half million crowns, the goal is to collect a multiple of this contact. If it does, it will hit mobile phones in summer this November.