Brussels suspects Google of abusing the dominant position of Android

According to a preliminary report from the European Commission, the American company Google violates European antitrust rules and the abuse of its dominant position in the market. According to the European Commissioner responsible for the Margrethe Vestager competition, Google will be blamed for the Android operating system.

The European Commission has been informally researching Google for three years over the operation of the Android system, based on a complaint from Microsoft and Nokia. On Wednesday, April 15, Brussels launched a formal settlement. The question will be whether Google concluded the agreements did not restrict competition and thus abused its dominant position in the field of operating systems, applications and other mobile services.

However, the American company argues that its operating system is an open platform that does not discriminate against anyone. On the contrary, the elements of openness support economic competition. Google also emphasizes that the choice of using Android apps is up to the manufacturers, distributors, and users themselves.

According to sources familiar with education, the commission will focus on two main areas. One of them is to use Google as a source of Android for many pre-installed applications. For manufacturers, access to the applied trade is conditional on you.

According to some companies, this way the American company conditions, for example, access to the latest version of Android. The condition is a visible position of Google in visible positions in mobile devices. The company thus stands for unfairly advantageous services of American companies, such as search, maps and YouTube.

The Commission will therefore investigate the cross-border compatibility that Google is using to identify which mobile manufacturers using the Android operating system will be able to access the Google Play in-store. If these manufacturers do not meet the requirements that Google has for the device, they are not allowed to install the appropriate application. There are concerns that the company is unfairly restricting some manufacturers.

The popularity of android devices has helped Google gain a dominant position in the provision of online mobile services. Last year alone, more than a billion Android phones were sold, representing 82% of worldwide smartphone sales.

The antitrust councils in the US and other Korea have investigated Google’s alleged abuse of a dominant position. The day the anti-American company bag was not accepted.

The same European Commission will end the same way. Although the initiation of a formal investigation indicates existing concerns about a possible breach of antitrust rules, for example, due to lack of evidence, it can be overturned.

Googlenaen from the abuse of a dominant position in the field of operating rejection systems. In response to The Financial Times, which reported on the launch, it mentions, for example, that it is up to the android users themselves to decide which applications to download and use. He mentions such an application that competes with his own services, although in their use users of android devices are not limited in any way, but on the contrary, they are a part of some new devices.

The company pointed out that thanks to the openness of the system and the possibility of its free use by anyone, it was possible to achieve some mobile devices, and the consumer thus has a choice.

Google is also the European Commission because of the preference for its own services, such as comparable purchases, which were thus advantageous over the competition. Find out more with a colleague on Technet.