Are you also free, cool and in and curl up under the pole with your mobile phone?

Photos from vacation or flight? I’m the only one with you in the afternoon. Selfie is full of monks today and it is often very funny to watch individuals and groups constantly curl up in front of a cell phone on a pole.

The mobile phone is still at hand and the last few recent photos are easy to share between known and unknown people in many social networks. Only a few photos of landscapes or notoriously known zbr z pamtek and mst se okoukaly. Photos from Pae m on Facebook where who.

How to add vu? Of course, I’ll take a picture there, maybe with a bird. Until recently, it required someone from the group in the photo oelet, or ask someone else to blame. It has two disadvantages. The first is usually quite a climactic scene, the second is that someone with a focus, or in many countries, will require baki for this sunny activity. The photo will not work at all, because it will not be possible to know what and how to work.

Time has advanced and the phenomenon of selfie has been born on social sites. Self-portraits of billion-dollar people were clearly clear: as challenging as possible and a mirror. The large number of selfie photos had a very similar style, although they became a worldwide hit. At that time, a donkey ride from the tern was going, usually photographed in the bathroom, in the bathroom, just where there is a mirror.

Of course, since the meeting there have been attempts at group selfie, while with the outstretched hand of the photographer. The crown was put on it by Samsung at the last Oscars (more here). And then there was the ride. They take pictures while driving, manufacturers wash mobile phones with a front camera on the level of the main. We learned that the selfie does not please Muslim clergy.

Selfie you

Nataen’s hand is usually not enough to get a good photo. And we have to turn to another phenomenon of recent years, which is the outdoor camera GoPro. It can be attached to the wheel, car hood or helmet. often rest on the poles, because holding it in your hand is not very comfortable. Here we must add that similar types can be used as monopods for cameras. In principle for a little different use, but technically it is quite similar.

Worth honoring who thought of it, but those for cameras or photo parties, with a suitable handle, are also perfect for mobile phones. And surely it was much two not before the selfie took me. We saw the first such poles at trade fairs perhaps ten years ago with the advent of the first photomobiles. Only then did no one care, just like the previous photos on mobile phones. Moreover, the manufacturers (and operatives) originally did not consider them as a tool for photography, but as a camera for video calls (remember that?).

Last year, selfie poles became a hit. There is a large number of various poles on the market with different control and different variants of mobile phones. The quality is diverse, some are solid, most are telescopic. Prices range from one hundred crowns to thousands. We are preparing a test of some models, after the first touch it is clear that it does not pay off.

But back to the phenomenon itself. Try to walk around a tourist attraction and ask how many selfie maniacs you can find. When we traveled in Nevada and California at the CES trade fair at the end of January, we came across a lot of self in the city, but not the classics, ie tourists taking classic panoramas. And of course, the CES trade fair itself was full. Both with the products on display and in the hands of the active person, as you can see in the following picture.

Selfie you

It is certainly positive that selfies are not selfish, they do not usually take pictures of themselves, but with the whole family / group / passers-by. When u take photos of the landscape, from above. They don’t have to push themselves, they’re kind of or aunt. Tyka is basically a creative tool that gave them a plus.

Let’s see how long this phenomenon lasted. If vs impressed, then it’s basically quite a cheap end, the poles are not expensive, but we recommend weed vbr.