Aprl controlled the clever tools. Smart are ui socks, n or puck

On a day when it is on holiday, a number of mobile manufacturers follow their name. Don’t miss the operas in April. Leton erty was carried mainly in the spirit of wearable electronics, and the inspiration of the hockey amp also served as inspiration. A smart puck flashes on the ice, and a new coach of the Czech national team on the stage.

Smart electronics probably don’t surround us as much as mobile manufacturers would like. Not surprisingly, the South Korean Samsung introduced the first smart n on the market as April.

Compared to other smart helpers, the Galaxy Blade edge has one indisputable advantage. It is not necessary to work with the phone with a transparent ceramic body with a 5.1 ″ Super Amoled display before use. According to Samsung, a novelty can be achieved and 50% faster feeding compared to traditional nom. Subsequent adjustment of the weight of the blade will improve the jaw itself.

Samsung SmartPuck

An absolute novelty, which from now on will be an indispensable helper at any hockey ampion, was presented by the Czech representative of Samsung. The smart puck, thanks to the durable nanocame of the new generation, mediates the bottom of the ice from a completely new perspective. The company promises that thanks to the sensor for detecting glu with a signal diode, it will no longer decide whether the gl was shot. Have you always been curious about the content of verbal provocations between ice games? It was washed up too. The puck is also equipped with a sensitive microphone.


Blc’s hockey championship inspired Huawei. The Czech representation through the social center provided in the afternoon exclusive information about the change in the post of coach of the Czech national hockey team. Vladimír Rikukrtce before the start of the championship in the position of std at the current division of the mobile equipment division of Huawei Rong Thao.

HTC Re Sok

Not only hockey players then I am interested in the novelty of the Taiwan HTC. This is with the words that the so-called wearables do not appear at the back, but at the feet, introduced the first intelligent socks Re Sok equipped with an information display. Not only does it serve a notification of an incoming SMS, but the carrier is also notified through it, for example, of the type of offer. Thanks to the GPS locator, the socks will not be completely blown away from one strip. Re Sok can be used with any type of footwear, so they are also compatible with sands. Perhaps there are also variants on the Czech market, at present they are only available in dark colors. The company also thought about sales. They are prt run and not compatible with all slings.

OnePlus DR-1

Kamardit s vodouse will not be a novelty from the company OnePlus, which used the human desire to go to the world from a five perspective. She presented these modern quadrocopters DR-1 with an extra gyroscope. Only that camera is needed, the manufacturer apologizes for its absence with an unacceptable amount of drone weight. Thanks to this, the bag has speed and easy handling. QuickCharge technology then ensures that the discharged battery is charged after 20 minutes. The flight time is from five to eight minutes. Limited to the amount of DR-1, the bottom was actually put up for sale, it was worth for 549 crowns.

Telefunk Hipsta Phone

Neither did the operas in the background. For example, O2 introduced the first mobile urn for hipsters. The Hipsta Phone phone from the long-time Berlin startupist Henry Hobzy is made in a retro design, which does not have the same robust battery. Retro is also the very power of the battery, it promises this and seven days of active operation. Thanks to that, another device connected via USB can be used as a power bank.

According to a press spokesman for O2, Martin abka, a member of the hipsters was a logical choice; The camera will also place a camera with interchangeable filters, with which you can take retro pictures of better quality than with the help of instagram filters. Hipstersk mobil can be sold for 2,995 crowns both in the e-shop and in two selected sales operators. And in Prague on Letn and in Krymsk.


Vodafone then published a guide on its social network profile on how to catch up with a friend with an apple phone. In the chat, you simply pour an animated picture with these flows, which show active writing. The user, on the other hand, is sure to look at the display for a while and never wait for the message.